About The Paleo Baby

Carl and me on our 10-year anniversary (11-11-10),
one year before our daughter was born.
Photo by Tracy Coggin
I'm Dawn Weinberger, a writer from Portland, Ore. In 2010, I made two decisions that were more significant than I realized at the time. First, I started following the paleo diet. Then, I decided to take a  hiatus from freelance journalism. I was burnt out, and ready for a change. I didn't know exactly what was in store for me. Turns out it was motherhood! Our baby girl was born on October 24, 2011.

By the time I became pregnant, I was already months into paleo and loving it. People kept asking me if I planned to keep it up throughout my pregnancy. My response: absolutely! Paleo gave me a whole new perspective on health, and -- even though I've always been generally healthy -- I felt better than ever. I didn't see any logical reason reason to abandon it simply because I was expecting. The Paleo Baby started out as the story of my paleo pregnancy. Now it is partially about raising my daughter on paleo and partially about whatever is on my mind. Thank you for following along!