Friday, April 12, 2013

Baby Boot Camp

Carl was out of town most of this week, which made it difficult for me to make it to the gym. I have a babysitter twice a week, so that helped. Still, by this morning I was like "OK, I need another workout." Twice a week is not enough for me. Going to my gym wasn't an option, so I decided to go to Baby Boot Camp instead.

We have been to Baby Boot Camp a few times, and I really like it! Before H was born, I totally pictured myself attending regularly. What could be more convenient than a workout that included my baby (it is a great excuse buster, actually)? I even won a month of unlimited classes in raffle, which was a huge incentive to try it out. Unfortunately, it didn't really pan out for me because H's schedule didn't jive with the class schedule. By the time she started to become a little more predictable in terms of sleeping, it was almost wintertime (in other words, too cold for me to exercise outside) and my shoulder was injured. As much as I liked the classes, it just didn't seem meant to be.

Until today. I'm really making an effort in my life to look for opportunities (Baby Boot Camp) rather than dwell on obstacles (inability to make it to any Friday classes at my gym). Today offered the perfect chance to put this into practice. Off to Baby Boot Camp we went (we paid the $15 drop-in rate).

The workout was tough! Perhaps it was because my workout yesterday was so taxing (18 minutes of kettlebell get-ups, plus a 12-minute AMRAP of four mini rope climbs, a 400 meter run and 20 squats) but I was having a hard time keeping up with most of the other moms. We started out with some running, then moved on to a bunch of stair climbing exercises, followed by burpees, squats, bicep curls, more running and lunges. The class ended with some core work. The hour went fast, but I was ready for it to be over. So was H -- she had had enough of the stroller (although, she did surprisingly well for the duration of the class -- probably because there were so many other babies for her to look at). Between yesterday's workout and today's Baby Boot Camp class, I suspect I'll be sore tomorrow. Ouch!

Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that working out and running with a stroller is no joke! I have a 22-pound toddler, a stroller meant for running and maybe (maybe) five pounds of stuff along for the ride. Other moms are pushing double strollers with two kids strapped in plus diaper bags, yoga mats, toys and more. And guess what? They are kicking my behind! It is humbling, and it seems to me that (in conjunction with a healthy diet, because we all know that a lean body starts in the kitchen) a person could get into pretty good shape by doing these workouts regularly. I've decided that I need to attend Baby Boot Camp once a week whenever possible because it challenges me in a different way.