Saturday, July 6, 2013

My week of workouts (for the week of June 30)

I'm documenting my workouts here once a week (on Saturdays now instead of Sundays) so I can look back and see how I improve/change over time. This is just for my own information. I find that this is an easy way to record everything (I know most readers come here to find out what paleo babies eat).

Sunday, June 30th: Rest.

Monday, July 1st: Blast. This is a one-hour class, where we do several segments of strength and cardio intervals using a bench, medicine balls and dumbbells. The class is really tough, especially since I rarely attend. I was super sore the following day.

Tuesday, July 2nd: We started off with pull-up practice (my current favorite!). Five max sets with a one-minute rest in between. I used the red band, the one with the least resistance, for the first time, and managed to do three for the first three sets and two for the last two. The workout was short, and I'm glad because it was super hot. We did three rounds of one 400m run, 25 doubles unders and 10 burpees.

Wednesday, July 3rd: Rest.

Thursday, July 4th: Rest, and lots of it because I was (am) still not feeling well.

Friday, July 5th: More rest.

Saturday, July 6th: I finally felt well enough to workout, but could not wake up in time for yoga. So, I went to the 9:15am workout instead. It was a partner workout with stations. Six rounds, 30 seconds each (per person). We did sit-ups with a medicine ball toss, seated rope climbs and dumbbell thrusters. I used a 10-pound medicine ball and 20-pound dumbbells.

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