Saturday, July 13, 2013

My week of workouts (for the week of July 7th)

Time for my weekly workout recap! In case you are new here, I'm documenting my workouts on my blog once a week so I can look back and see how I improve/change over time. This is just for my own information ... I find that this is an easy way to record everything (I know most readers come here to find out what paleo babies eat).

Sunday: As usual, a rest day. 

Monday: I usually try to find a way to get to the gym on Mondays for yoga or TRX/kettlebells, but this week it did not happen. I know there was a reason, but I cannot remember exactly what it was. Oh, now I remember. We had a crazy busy day with dental appointments and a home inspection at our new house, so Carl wound up staying at work really late (since he was out for a good chunk of the day).

Tuesday: Finally, back at the gym. Between the Fourth of July (the gym was closed for two days), illness and house-buying busyness, I felt like I had not worked out in weeks. First, we worked on front squats. Five sets of three, with 70 pounds. This is a new PR for me. Yay! For the workout, we did three rounds of 10 pullups (I used one red band for the first three sets, then added a second red band .... it was very challenging) and 10 hand-release push-ups. We finished off with 200 double unders (I am still not able to do even two consequetive double-unders, so this took an eternity).

Wednesday: Just like Monday, I couldn't get to the gym (even though I wanted to).

Thursday: This was another epic day for me. I climbed halfway up the rope, twice! I've realized that the reason rope climbing felt so unattainable to me is that I don't know exactly how to grip the rope with my feet in order to avoid slack. So, the rope is lose which prevents me from climbing. My rope-climb partner helped me by holding onto the bottom of the rope while I climbed. I could not have done it without her. I intend to do at least this much next week, if not more. After rope climbing, we moved onto to three rounds of 25 American kettlebell swings and 50 body weight squats. The finisher was an 800m run. I was really happy with how I did in this particular workout. I wanted to use the yellow kettlebell, and probably would have if we had been doing Russian kettlebells swings, but I did not feel comfortable swinging the yellow one overhead. So, I stuck with blue. That is OK; it was plenty challenging.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Instead of yoga (too early for me these days), I went to the 9am workout. Except I was late, by 15 minutes! Why did I think the class started at 9:15am? Oh, well. I was able to sneak in right as everyone was starting laps around the building. I'm not sure many people noticed that I missed half of the warmup. The workout, like a typical Saturday class, was three stations, five rounds, 30 seconds on/30 seconds off, with a partner. We did lateral jumps, lizard crawls and dumbbell snatches. After the workout, we walked one lap around the building on our toes followed by two sprint maps.

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