Friday, July 5, 2013

High chairs, plus some big news

How long do kids usually use high chairs? For some reason, I was under the impression that the high chair phase lasted well into toddlerhood. Well, not for my daughter (who will be two in October). I still have our Keekaroo high chair out, but it won't be long before it hits Craigslist. She just does not sit in it anymore.

It all started a few weeks ago when she learned to unbuckle the strap. Total safety hazard, because that led to standing up in her chair. No amount of coaxing or reasoning could convince her to sit down. She wasn't even done eating ... she simply wanted to stand and/or get out of the chair. After trying to reason with her (ha!) for a few days, I finally said "enough" and allowed her to sit in a regular chair. It quickly became regular thing, and it makes meal time much more pleasant for all of us. She needs a booster seat (I'll need to get one asap), but for now we're going without. I do have to put a towel down because our seats are fabric and she does spill and drop food. However, overall this is working well. Besides, it is super adorable to see her sitting there at the table eating her breakfast. Less work for me, too. She often protested the high chair, so getting her into it was a battle. Now, when it is time to eat, all I have to do is tell her to go sit down at the table. And she does!

In other news ... remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned how our search for a new home was going nowhere? Well, we finally found something! In a month or so, we'll be vacating our current home (it will become a rental) and moving into our new place. I'm excited because it is in the area of town I was hoping for, and we'll have a huge lot with space for a garden, chickens and a dog. And the best part is it will allow us to provide the type of lifestyle we want for our daughter. I can't wait! Of course, we have lots of work ahead. Packing, cleaning, etc. Summer suddenly got busy!

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  1. Hi Dawn,

    I love your blog and have read just about every one of your posts over the past few months. It's been very inspiring as my husband and I are just starting TTC our own little paleo baby! By chance, did you get the dark wood finish of the Keekaroo highchair? I have some time before I'll need it, but I live in the Portland/Vancouver area and would be happy to buy it from you when you're ready to sell :)

    And congrats on your new home! We moved to our current house with some acreage a little over a year ago (a few months prior to discovering Paleo) and we absolutely love it! There is something about Paleo that just makes you want to surround yourself with nature and grow your own food. Sounds like we are very similar in how we want to raise our families...well, future family for us :)



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