Saturday, June 15, 2013

Toddler cuteness

Aren't toddlers adorable? My daughter is almost 20-months-old, and her cuteness is off the charts. I can hardly handle it.

Here are a few of the cute things she's been saying and doing lately ...
  • Hair accessories are called bird-de-das. What?
  • Earlier this week, she started saying no. She's says it way too often, with lots of drama. Not just "no" but "noooooooo." It is hard not to laugh.
  • Elmo this, Elmo that. I regret the day I introduced her to Elmo via YouTube, but the way she lights up when she sees an Elmo book or doll is darling.
  • She loves "jackets," a.k.a. hoodies. Right now, she wants to wear her purple Gap hoodie at all times. Today she wore it with her favorite pink dress and white leggings.
  • Speaking of the pink dress ... um, can you say OBSESSED?! If she wants to wear the dress and another outfit is removed from the drawer instead, she quickly becomes downtrodden and begins to cry. Not in a tantrum sort of way. In a genuine, "I am sad and hurt" kind of way. "Dress. Dress. Please, dress," she'll say through tears. How can I not give in?
  • I love that she is now saying "please." She's been signing it for a long time, but now she signs it and says it at the same time. With a smile. 
  • Flowers are called "flossies." 
  • I think she has her first BFF. She's met quite a few kids lately, but she seems to really like one little girl in particular. They have fun together at music class, and sometimes they even hold hands while dancing around the room. So cute! She even asks for her by name. Unfortunately we won't get to see her until August because her family went to Ireland for the summer.
  • She sings constantly. She also loves to strum Carl's guitar and dance around the room with scarves. I can't get her to sit down at the piano with me, though.
 What are some of the cute things your toddlers say and do?


  1. My son just learned to say "sit" and he walks around saying it constantly. However, his "s" sounds more like "sh", so...I'm just glad he hasn't said it in public yet. It makes me laugh so much. (We don't swear, I promise - lol)

    Oh, and "butter" is "taguduhduh" every single time. Mom - "Can you say 'butter'?" Toddler - "Taguduhduh!"

  2. B's dictionary:

    Butterflies (we have butterfly decals on her wall): tay-tay-tay
    Thank you: A-cooo
    Excuse me: Ack-cue-me -> This one is beyond adorable. She keeps saying that if she needs to pass us, or a dolly!
    She also loves knocking on the door, bathroom door, her bedroom door, piano cabinet (hello? where do the piano sounds coming? Can I come in too?).

    Toddlers are so much fun!
    Last but not least, these are two of her favorite words: "Yaaay" and "Go" :)


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