Saturday, June 1, 2013

The 2013 WordCount Blogathon starts now!

I'm not sure what has gotten into me, but I just made a commitment to blog every single day in June as a participant in the 2013 WordCount Blogathon. Every single day. This feels overwhelming and impossible to me, especially considering that I've only managed to write nine (10 if you count this one) blog posts so far this year. But I am going to do it anyway. This year marks the sixth annual blogathon and my second time participating (I also participated the first year, back in 2007). I am nervous, but I am also excited to establish more of a writing rhythm. I miss my freelancing writing career and I miss my awesome writing colleagues, but I don't have the time or energy right now to work as a freelance writer. I'm hoping that this will give me some sort of connection the career and friends that I miss, and perhaps it will help me figure out how I can make space for writing in my life again?

So, what I am going to blog about for 30 days straight? Well, I don't know for sure. I have ideas ... topics that are on my mind and on my heart. Some are baby- and paleo-related; some are not. Some of my posts will be long; some will be short. Sometimes I might just post a photo or a quote or link. All I know is I am going to post every day, even though it will be challenging. And I'm doing this for me and me alone ... of course I want people to read my blog and to like my posts, but that isn't the main objective here. I'm just blogging because I want to write.


  1. Hello, fellow Blogathon participant! Yes, I committed to this for the first time, as well - in June, which is fiscal year end at work, with auditors and crazy long work hours. Plus bug and disease control in my garden. And I'm going to write daily for 30 days?! Yep...we writers are a crazy bunch. But don't you just love it??!!

    1. Hello to you, too, and thanks for stopping by! Funny ... I started a gardening blog a couple of years ago but the whole gardening thing did not really work out for me -- I will check out your blog, too. :-)


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