Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Paleo grocery shopping

Monday morning was absolutely beautiful here in Portland. I wanted to spend it outdoors, but I had to go grocery shopping. We were out of everything. When you have a toddler, there is no putting it off because the opportunity to shop on any given day is limited -- it really needs to be checked off the list before naptime. For us, the nap ends right around 4:30pm. Just in time to prep dinner, play outside and (on Mondays anyway) head to the gym. So, morning shopping it is.

For a change of pace, I decided to go to different store. Actually, same store/different location. I feel like I go to the closer location all the time, and I know many of the employees by name. They know my daughter and we chat with them a lot while we peruse the aisles. I actually really like it this way, but yesterday I felt like being more anonymous.

Because people often ask me what I buy at the store and what I feed my daughter, I thought I would share a list of today's purchases. I tend to buy the same items over and over again, and I rarely make a list or plan specific meals anymore. We just shop, cook and eat.

Anyway, here is my list ...
  • Seventh generation baby wipes (two packs): 8.98
  • Sunspire chocolate chips (two bags): 10.98
  • Woodstock organic raisins (three bags): 14.97
  • Woodstock organic shredded coconut (two bags) 6.98
  • Frontera green salsa (two jars): 9.98
  • Earth's Best baby food (five packets): 7.50
  • Santa Barbara Olive Company black olives (three jars): 7.77
  • Olive oil: 9.49
  • Farmhouse Culture raw organic sauerkraut: 6.99
  • *Local whole cream: 4.39
  • *Fage yogurt (two containers): 7.98
  • Organic Valley pastured butter: 6.99
  • Organic cauliflower: 3.76
  • Organic Fuji apples (7 pounds): 16.00
  • Organic broccoli (several bunches): 8.35
  • Brussels sprouts: 4.63
  • Asparagus: 8.63
  • One yellow onion: 1.18
  • Organic red grapes: 6.70
  • Organic bananas: 2.45
  • Organic cucumbers (two): 2.98
  • Iceberg lettuce: 2.65
  • More organic cauliflower: 3.44
  • Sweet potatoes (4.5 pounds) 8.70
  • One yam: 1.11
  • One honeydew melon: 5.43
  • Two pounds of ground beef: 11.09
  • Boneless/skinless chicken thighs (three pounds): 18.15
  • Rotisserie chicken: 7.99
  • Two Tanka bars: 5.00
  • One Kits Organics Fruit/Nut bar: 1.59
  • One hot tea: 2.00
* I rarely eat dairy, but my husband likes cream in his coffee and he and our daughter love Fage yogurt, so I buy both regularly.

Grand total = $226.30

Like I mentioned in a post last month, my grocery bill often seems really high and I sometimes cringe when I swipe my debit car. Part of the reason I do this, though, is for the sake of convenience. I could save money if I shopped at multiple stores and I actually I used to make several stops before H was born. Taking an active toddler from store to store and getting her in and out of the car seat over and over again is not fun or efficient and just does not work. The less expensive stores won't work for a one-stop shopping trip, for obvious reasons. So for now, this is our reality.

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  1. Hey! I've been following along for the past couple years during pregnancy and the first year of my son's life. I have gotten away from Paleo (just gluten free these days), but have a renewed goal to get back to it. I'd like for my baby-almost-toddler to move more toward Paleo as well, but I'm having trouble coming up with foods that he likes. Your grocery list is really helpful and I'd love to see a post (or 2) on what you feed H and meal ideas in general. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!


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