Friday, June 7, 2013

Keeping track of progress

Yesterday's post on the comparison trap got me thinking about my own workouts over the past few years and how/if I have actually improved my level of fitness overall. Considering I was pregnant two years ago at this time, it is really hard for me to tell. I am stronger than I was one year ago, but am I stronger than I was three years ago? I don't know. I'm not much of a record keeper, but if I had actual data I would know. So, I'm going to try keeping records for a while so I can monitor my progress. Some of my workouts (like yoga and TRX) aren't exactly set up for collecting data, but my other workouts are. I should be able to keep track of my time and my rounds (if applicable) and the amount of weight I am lifting and skills I am performing ... it is just a matter of writing things down and/or taking a photo of the white board. I'll post my workouts here once a week (probably Saturdays, since Sunday is almost always a rest day) to make it easy (I know I would not keep it up if I were using pen and paper, and I'm not much of an app user).

A year from now, I should be able to look back and see (theoretically) whether I have improved. This will go a long way toward comparing myself to myself rather than comparing myself to others. I'm also going to think about setting some measurable goals ... I've had them in the past, but I haven't been working on them lately.

The two goals I'm going to work on first: pull-ups and double-unders. I just want to do one pull-up. I'm close. I think if I work on it I can get there by sometime in July. As for double-unders, I can do them -- just not consecutively. For now, I just want to do two in a row.

Do you set specific goals and/or keep track of your workouts? How does this data help you?

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  1. I've been tracking my workouts ever since my first Crossfit class in October 2007.

    I find it valuable to keep track of past workouts, as it helps me to determine appropriate loads for current workouts. I also find it very motivating to look back over the years and see how far I've come -- or in my present case, to see what I was capable of in my pre-pregnancy days, and set my future goals accordingly.


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