Friday, June 21, 2013

Joel's Paleo Cookie

Yesterday, I spotted this cookie at New Seasons Market ...

I felt like it was my duty to buy the cookie, taste it and share my thoughts here on The Paleo Baby.

The verdict: Not bad! I am usually not a big fan of paleo-ized treats, but this had decent texture and flavor. I shared it with my friend Mary and my 20-month-old, and they liked it. Mary said it was a good vehicle for getting in a chocolate fix. I would probably buy it again, for a road trip or picnic or something. I looked around online and couldn't figure out who Joel is, though. Does he/she work for New Seasons? Is Joel's Paleo Cookies an independent local cookie business? If anyone knows, please fill me in!

Oh, and can I just say that I love that New Seasons is so awesome for making paleo so easy here in Portland?! They sell paleo books, they offer classes, they have store tours and they of course sell great food. I could shop at other stores more often and save money, but the extra few bucks I spend at New Seasons is worth it because they support my lifestyle and dietary choices. If only they would stop selling vegetarian eggs and stop using so much canola oil in their prepared foods, it would be just about perfect.


  1. I miss New Seasons. . . always make a stop when we are in town. Maybe they will come to Eugene eventually.

  2. I bought these today as well. They are very soft and somehow crumbly and moist. They taste like a healthier option but who knows! I wish I knew what was in these or what the whole "Joel Paleo" things means as well. Still doesn't beat my favorite which is Charlie brown bar at new seasons.

    Thanks, Tiff

  3. Joels paleo chocolate chip cookies are my fave cookies now. I really don't like cookies or dessert but I couldn't resist trying them. Trying to find them is difficult though. NS says they will order them but really? Do I want to have to custom order cookies? I should really be eating celery, so special ordering cookies seems too indulgent for a cookie that markets to people who want guilt free cookies. Just sayin.


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