Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hunger strike

Up until a last week, my 19-month-old (who weighs in at 23 pounds) had a voracious appetite. We're talking six pieces of chicken sausage for breakfast, along with two eggs and some fruit. She would easily put away two servings of leftover meat and veggies at lunch. And at dinner time? An entire sweet potato, along with a sizeable portion of protein, was not enough to satisfy her. She ate and ate and ate. And ate. Mealtime took forever.

Now, all of a sudden, she eats like a bird. A nibble here, a nibble there. Yesterday, for example, she barely finished one egg in the morning. We went out to do some errands and shopping, and even though we were gone for about three hours she didn't ask for food the entire time. Back at home, she ate two olives, a small handful of raisins and a few bites of sauerkraut before she went down for an afternoon nap.

My daughter suddenly eats like a bird.

Our pediatrician warned me about this phase, and based on conversations with friends it seems very typical for this age group. So, even though it is a bit shocking (how could she NOT be hungry?) I am not concerned. I'm sure she'll hit another growth spurt soon.

Meanwhile, I am going to enjoy this time of bird-like eating. Less time in the kitchen! Smaller restaurant bills! No need to stop for food every time we are out and about! I am loving it. The downside: she now despises her high chair. She'll sit in it peacefully just long enough to finish her three bites of food. After that, she wants "up" and she wants up NOW. We don't usually allow her to get out of her chair right away because we are usually still eating. We expect her to learn that she needs to sit and wait until everyone is finished. She doesn't like it, and I don't like the protests. But I guess that is just too bad for both of us -- nobody said it would be easy to teach a toddler proper manners.


  1. Voracious . . . .

  2. We're struggling with this with our 18-month-old right now too. Not the eating like a bird part, but the wanting down from the table part. I feel the same as you. She needs to learn how to sit and participate in meal time even if she is not eating. We're working on that one...


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