Monday, June 10, 2013

House hunting

We moved into our current home eight years and one month ago. It was never the type of place we saw ourselves living long term, but at the time it was what we needed. I will never regret buying this home (in part because some of my neighbors have become good friends) but we are so ready to move.

We have been looking for something new for almost a year now. Even though we had considered moving at various times in the past, having our daughter was the catalyst for taking action. The house and neighborhood we live in my now do not allow us to provide the lifestyle we want for her (or ourselves). We want a big yard, a quiet street, room for Carl to park his sailboat, space for a garden and possibly some chickens. A ranch-style home would be ideal, and close proximity to work is a top priority. We are also hoping to find a home that we can stay in for a long time (barring any major job changes).

Despite an exhaustive, non-stop search we are not finding anything that meets our criteria. Nothing. Unless you count one of the three homes we saw Sunday, which was almost perfect except for the fact that it was a) $50K over our limit and b) too far out in the country. As soon as we pulled into the driveway, I told Carl that I regretted making the trip because living that far out is not an option and I could tell we would love the home and the property even before we walked through the front door. And we did. Sigh.

I believe in waiting on God's perfect timing, so I know we'll find the right home eventually. But I am frustrated because I also believe that if something in your life is not working for you you should change it. If you are unhappy with your job, find a new job. If your relationship with your significant other is broken, fix it. If you don't like the color of your hair, get some highlights. Etc., etc., etc. We have been trying to change something that isn't working for us for a long time now, with no luck. Does the home we're looking for even exist? I am really starting the wonder.

We could do a few things to our current home to make it more suitable, but doing these things would require spending money that we would rather put toward a new home. And then there is the whole Murphy's law thing -- as soon as we fix up our backyard, paint all the walls, put in a new kitchen island and install better lighting, we'll find our new home (just in time for our future renters to enjoy our upgrades). Not only that, some of our least-favorite things about this house are things that are unchangeable. Like the lot size, and the fact that the homes are so close together. So, what do we do?

I suppose the only answer is ... keep looking!


  1. I really, really, really wish I had an answer for you because that would probably mean that WE had finally found the home for us! I could have written this same post. We've been in our condo 8 years now. We thought we'd see one child through to toddlerhood...the five year plan, lol. we now have a 5.5yo, 3yo and 8month old in our same 2br condo. I really love Wayne Dyer's work...wishes fulfilled is a great read and audiobook if you're into manifesting the perfect spot for your family!

  2. Alternatively, maybe you should look at your criteria again. I didn't want a ranch house, really wanted a two-story, but eventually. . . the right location and price was a ranch house. You might think about going back to your criteria and see if any of those criteria are negotiable.

  3. You'll find something! You can also drive around until you find the right house & leave them a note if you love their house. You never know, maybe someone is thinking of selling but not putting it on the market because they are afraid it won't sell. Hang in there!


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