Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Yesterday morning I went out and did something I have been contemplating for a few years. I got braces! I'm considering it a belated 40th birthday gift to myself. Why not start off midlife with a great smile?

I had braces when I was a teenager (I got them on the very first day of high school; lovely), but it was definitely time for round two. I opted for the clear ceramic braces rather than the old-school style. Invisalign was also an option, but I don't think I would like wearing the aligners. I have a terrible habit of taking my retainer off in the night and hurling it across the room, so the idea of wearing a retainer-ish device at all times does not appeal to me.

I'm pretty happy with how my new braces look. In the after photo, I can barely see them! My teeth do feel a little funny right now, but I'll get used to it. My orthodontist said the treatment will probably take about a year. I'm excited about my forthcoming new and improved smile.

Anyway -- after the braces went on, I got to hear about all the rules. It kinda made me think that braces are more suitable for adults rather than teens because it takes so much discipline. I was a fairly disciplined teenager, but I know I did not follow the rules the way I will now. If my daughter ever needs braces, I am probably going to annoy her with my constant badgering about brushing, flossing and avoiding problematic foods (hopefully she'll choose to avoid problematic foods anyway, but you never know!).

And speaking of problematic foods, it was reassuring to discover that most of the no foods are far from paleo. Avoiding crusty bread, pizza, Doritos, popcorn, caramel candy and other junk food won't be an issue. The only change I'll really need to make is in regards to carrots -- no more crunching on whole, peeled carrots. I'll need to chop them into small pieces. Apples need to be cut into wedges, too, but that is something I already do. I'm pretty sure I did not abide by these rules last time, particularly the popcorn rule. I don't remember lots of extra trips to the orthodontist to fix broken brackets and wires because of my snacking habits, but I probably just got lucky!


  1. I had braces as an adult too - painful but definitely worth it. The rubber bands were the biggest hassle. Yours are hardly noticeable.

  2. Two words: coloured elastics.

    Pink, preferably :)


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