Monday, January 14, 2013

Roasted Brussels sprouts

I absolutely love roasted Brussels sprouts (and so does my 15-month-old)! The sad thing is I didn't even really discover them until a couple of years ago. I mean, I knew about them of course. But to me, Brussels sprouts were not a legitimate member of the vegetable family. Why would anyone want to eat a bitter and mushy Brussels sprout when there were so many other delicious vegetables out there?

I'm not sure how or why I wound up giving them a chance, but I am so glad I did. Now, we eat pan roasted Brussels sprouts at least once a week (while they are in season, anyway). I like them best served alongside burgers with mustard and pickles.

I don't really have a recipe per se, just a method of preparation. I experimented some before I got this down. I tried roasting them in the oven, for example, but ultimately this yielded the best results. Give it a try, but don't forget to keep your own preferences in mind. Whatever you do, though, do not skimp on the butter!

Pan-roasted Brussels sprouts: our favorite side dish.

1. Wash and dry Brussels sprouts (I do about 30 at a time).
2. Trim ends and cut sprouts in half.
3. Add two tablespoons of pastured butter to a 12-inch non-stick pan. Heat at medium high until pan is hot and the butter is melted.
4. Add half of the sprouts to the pan, along with salt and pepper to taste. Roast until they are dark and somewhat caramelized and tender, stirring occasionally. Depending on how they look, you can also add a bit of olive oil the pan during this process.
5. Remove from the pan and transfer to a plate. Cover the plate with foil to keep them warm.
6. Add more butter to the pan and repeat with a second batch.

That is all! Super easy!  

Do you like Brussels sprouts? Do your children like them? How do you prepare them?


  1. Our favorite restaurant in Denver, Panzano's, roasts them in a basket on the coals and drizzles with balsamic vinegar...yum!

  2. Roasting them in the oven usually but I am going to try them this way tonight! Looks really good!

  3. I love brussel sprouts. I like to roast all my vegetables.


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