Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Paleo Munchkin Meals (take three)!

Time for another installment of Munchkin Meals!

Munchkin Meals is s super-fun blog link-up hosted by Brittany over at A Healthy Slice of Life. It works like this: we (bloggers) post photos and descriptions of our kids' meals with the intent of sharing/swapping ideas with other parents. So far I haven't noticed any other paleo bloggers participating. Hint, hint.

OK, so here's the lowdown on everything my 13.5-month-old ate today ...

Breakfast was rushed. We had a photo shoot across town, and by the time I woke up at 7:20am I only had two hours to get us both ready and out the door (not much time).

We started with nursing, as usual. Then, it was time to head down to the kitchen for her real breakfast. Unfortunately we didn't have any leftovers and we were out of her favorite chicken sausage (bummer for both of us!), so H* was stuck eating half an avocado and an Ella's Organics fruit-and-veggie packet (I keep them on hand for such emergencies).

H's photo shoot with Emily G Photography was at 10:30am, but I wanted to get out the door by 9:30am in case of traffic, parking issues, etc. I'm glad we did, because we wound up walking into her studio right on time. If I would have listened to Waze, we would have been late.

The photo shoot was super fun (Emily is the best ... so talented and so great with little ones), despite H having a bad hair day (seriously!) and being in uncharacteristically serious mood. I can't wait to see the photos.

After the photo shoot, we dropped in to Water Avenue Coffee where I ordered the Americano I've been craving ever since the meltdown ended last weekend. I'm always apprehensive when it comes to new-to-me coffee shops because so many baristas get it wrong. I was not disappointed, though! My Americano was a work of art. Beautiful. And delicious. I wish I had photographic evidence, but I was too busy admiring its gorgeousness to get out my iPhone. Water Avenue Coffee is not in an area of town I frequent, but I'll totally go out of my way to go there again. It's my new coffee crush.

After coffee, H was ready for lunch. I decided to take her to Dick's Kitchen since we were in the area. Plus, the weather was super nice so heading home just didn't seem like the thing to do. This was my first real lunch date with my little sweet pea (unless you count grabbing a salad at Whole Foods) and we had so much fun. I love having a lunch buddy! H ordered the kids' slider, sans bun, with a side of yam not-fries. She ate the entire slider, but only about four fries.

Paleo Baby's lunch at Dick's Kitchen.

I ordered what Dick's calls their signature paleo dish, the Thai Burger Bowl. The thing is, it isn't really paleo at all because the spicy Thai dressing contains soybeans!!! Ick! I asked them to hold the dressing, so it was basically just a regular salad.

After lunch we got kinda crazy and ordered dessert. The flourless chocolate torte looked really decadent, so we I went for it. I gave H a couple of tiny bites, but she was far more interested in polishing off her pickles (yay!). I thought the dessert was really, really good ... but I'm pretty much done with dessert for now. Back on the wagon. I truly believe it is OK to indulge now and then. Just not all the time. This was my indulgence, and it will have to last a while lest it becomes a habit.

Oh, and just for fun ... I had to snap this picture. Dick's current special is the Dork Burger.

Dork Burger. I can't stop laughing.

Awesome. Pork + duck = dork. I don't eat pork, but if did I would totally order this just for the name.

By this time, I was pressing my luck in terms of naptime so we jetted home. H snoozed while I wrote today's earlier post and buzzed around the house doing chores. She woke up at 4:30, famished. Avocado and banana time!

Oops, the plate is sideways!

While she polished off her snack, I prepped dinner. Ground beef seasoned with cumin and chili powder plus roasted cauliflower. When we went to lunch, I didn't think about the fact that ground beef was on the dinner menu. Oh, well. We all like it. And now I have leftovers for Thursday's breakfast.

Tastes better than it looks!
After feeding H, I dashed off to the gym for a TRX/kettlebell workout. She had fun hanging out with Carl, but by the time I got home just after 7pm she was frantic for milk so I got her into her PJs and nursed her. She is now sound asleep. She may or may not wake up around midnight for a snack. We shall see!

What did your munchkin eat today?

*I'm going to refer to my little one as H (her first initial) from now on. The nickname Pebbles isn't really working for me anymore.


  1. Another Portland Munchkin Meals mama! I don't think our babies diets could be any different, but I still enjoyed browsing your blog :)

  2. Oh man, I wish there were more Paleo mom's like you! I am too and I have a 13mo old little boy. I tried BLW on him and he just wasn't into food for the longest time (which cause me to stress about it more than I care to admit unfortunately.) However, he's eating like a champ now which makes me so happy! I love seeing all the things H is eating, it really helps with ideas for my family. The only problem is that I'm in KS where there are NO Paleo restaurants. It would be so nice to have at least one good option if we're out and about or feeling lazy. Thank you and please keep this up!

  3. Hint taken, LOL. Coincidentally, I did snap photos of Oliver's daycare lunch last night while I was photographing the sliced grapes for my blog post. Maybe I'll get those posted at some point today :)

    I need to try this dork burger. The illustration's kind of creepy, but it sounds awesome nonetheless.

    1. Haha! Yes, the picture was super creepy. :-)

  4. We are not paleo eaters, so it's fun for me to read about your eats. Looks like you've got a healthy, happy little one!

    1. Thanks, Laura!! Nice to "meet" you!!

  5. Hi Dawn, thanks for sharing your Paleo journey; I've found it inspiring and informative! I am in Portland quite often, and your eat-out recommendations are helpful. Ha, Dork Burger!


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