Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Birthday cake

Call the paleo police. I gave my baby CAKE on her first birthday.

Not her actual cake.

The cake was chocolate and the frosting was vanilla buttercream. We also served Three Twins ice cream on the side (soooo delicious). We indulged, and I don't regret it.

I thought long and hard before deciding to let her have her cake. I considered a paleo cake, but quickly ruled that out because most contain nuts and/or nut flours and we're still keeping those things out of her diet (for now). I considered skipping cake altogether, but quickly ruled that out too because that would be so boring and so legalistically paleo. The only option, in my opinion, was to serve a really really really great cake and to allow her to have a small portion. I  mean, I go out and have treats now and then. Why shouldn't she? Especially on her birthday.

We ordered her cake from Crave Bake Shop, a gluten-free bakery in Lake Oswego (if you're a Cupcake Wars fan, you might be familiar with Crave). To me this seemed like the ideal solution, because I know they make great baked goods and I know they use high quality ingredients. I can make a pretty decent cake in my own kitchen, but gluten-free baking requires special expertise -- expertise that I do not possess. There is no way I could make a cake that would even come close to a Crave cake. Even with lots and lots of practice. So I decided to leave this feat to the experts.

Anyway, the cake was perfect. Really, truly perfect. I'm actually not much of a cake fan. If I'm going to indulge, I would rather have cookies or brownies (we didn't even serve cake at our wedding). But this cake was so worth it.

Of course, Pebbles' opinion is the one that counts. I was actually a bit concerned that she would like the cake too much, considering it was her first taste of sugar and grains. I wanted her to enjoy her cake, but I didn't want her to down a whole piece and I didn't want her to demand seconds. Luckily, her reaction was ... indifferent. She seemed to enjoy tasting it, and she had several bites. But she didn't clamor for more the way she does with avocados, bananas and meat. Confirmation that she loves her healthy, delicious paleo diet! Birthday cake success!

Do you allow your children to have non-paleo treats on special occasions? What types of parameters do you set for said treats?

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