Monday, November 12, 2012

12 things, revisited

Early in my third month of pregnancy, I wrote a post called 12 things I will still do after the baby is born. The post listed off a bunch of things people told me would probably fall by the wayside but that I was insistent on keeping up with. I thought it would be fun to look back and see how I'm doing. Here goes ...

1. I will still work out consistently. Check. This is still a huge priority for me. It requires some juggling, but I do what it takes to get to the gym. Three of four times each week.
2. I will still take a shower every single day. Check. I haven't missed a single shower. When my baby was teeny tiny, this meant bringing her into the bathroom with me (she hung out in her bouncy seat while I showered). Now it means getting up before she starts stirring (fortunately, she sleeps until at least 8am).
3. I will still get pedicures. Check. I've missed just one pedicure in the past twelve months because of a scheduling conflict.
4. I will still wear high heals. Fail. Well, not entirely. I have worn heals a few times. But for the most part I've been living in flip flops and flats.
5. I will still go out to to dinner, movies, parties and other events with Carl, alone. Fail. We've had just one dinner out, sans baby (my parents were in town so they stayed with her while we went out to celebrate our anniversary). I still believe in babysitters and intend to start using them in the near future, but the honest truth is my priorities have changed and the idea of going out at night and leaving my little one at home doesn't appeal to me all that much. I am sure I would feel differently if she slept through the night, but we're still struggling with this. Going out means less sleep for me. And I want as much sleep as possible.
6. I will still care about what I am wearing. Check. Probably more than ever. I just wish I could find some clothes that I like. Is it just me, or is everything on the racks these days flimsy and/or baggy? I've spent countless hours shopping over the past several weeks and ... nothing.
7. I will still meet my girlfriends for coffee, wine, shopping, etc. OK, I've done some of this. But this is basically a fail. The lack of sleep, the nap schedule and the juggling have pretty much kept me from maintaining my social life. I know I need this though. Case in point: Saturday afternoon. I spent two hours hanging out with some friends at a coffee shop, and I had the best time ever.
8. I will still encourage Carl to go sailing, to hang out with his friends and to pursue his own personal interests. Check. This was not the best sailing year for Carl, though, thanks to boat maintenance issues. The good news is the sailboat is now back in commission, ready for the 2013 racing season.
9. I will still wear mascara and lipstick. Check and check. This is such an easy thing to do! No excuses here, mamas!
10. I will still have long hair. Check. I like my hair and intend to keep it this way as long as possible. No short mom 'do for me. I have nothing against short(er) hair, but I do have something against the idea of living with a hairstyle you don't like for the sake of convenience.
11. I will still make time for personal, professional and spiritual growth. Epic fail. I've had the best of intentions, really. But I've come to the conclusion that the first year of motherhood is not the best time for these pursuits.
12. I will still follow paleo. Check. With varying degrees of adherence, of course. And while I've definitely had some off weeks, overall I am pretty happy with my ability to maintain a healthy diet and stick to my principals.

How about you? Are you keeping up with your workouts, your social life and other things that are important to you? Why or why not?


  1. I LOVE this post! Thank you. You are such an inspiration to me. I have a six year old boy, 3 year old girl and an 8 week old boy. I'm trying to follow Paleo and am having difficulty as I'm the only one in my household to need this lifestyle. I also realize, despite my frustration, that I can't do a lot of spiritual growth time in the mornings. I'm just going to have to let that go and just send up prayers as I get a chance throughout our busy days! I also homeschool my eldest and though it only takes at the most 2 hours, it is still time. My love of sewing wars with my love of getting outside. I try to do both daily, but here in Alaska, the temps are well below zero already some days and sewing wins more often than not. Here's to motherhood! I love it!

  2. This sounds like my checklist, except I never wrote it down. I've done all this and yeah, we've failed at going on dates. But we never really were concerned about it. We went on a couple by ourselves... it's just so hard with breastfeeding.


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