Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Paleo Munchkin Meals

Even though I have several half-written blog posts sitting on my desktop, I decided to set them all aside in favor of participating in another installment of Munchkin Meals

Munchkin Meals is s super-fun blog link-up hosted by Brittany over at A Healthy Slice of Life. It works like this: we (bloggers) post photos and descriptions of our kids' meals with the intent of sharing/swapping ideas with other parents. I don't know whether any other paleo families participate, but I still think it is fun to see what other babies are eating.

So, here goes -- all the details on what 11-month-old Pebbles ate on Tuesday, October 2nd. Just for fun I'll also share a few of our activities as well. 

Pebbles' morning began at about 7:45am. She slept in a bit, which meant I had a chance to take a shower and make coffee before she woke up. Yay! After a diaper change, we headed downstairs for breakfast. Diced peaches and leftover roast beef. The beef was prepared the previous night in my Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker. I LOVE this appliance. Every busy mom needs one!

Breakfast: Diced peaches and roast beef

After she polished off everything on her plate, I decided to unload the dishwasher. This plan only lasted for a couple of minutes. Pebs was clearly read to get out of the high chair and move on to the next activity -- piano lessons! We try to spend some time on the piano every day, in hopes that she'll one day become a musical prodigy (kidding -- I just want her to love/learn about music).

Before we knew it, naptime had arrived. She snoozed while I cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed the downstairs and watched the Modern Family season premier on Hulu. After a 90-minute nap, our friend Mary arrived to look after Pebbles while I went to the gym. Pebs needed a snack to get her through to lunchtime, so I left some Happy Baby food out on the counter for her to munch on.

Snack: Broccoli, pears and peas

I was so excited to go the gym -- it was my first day back to the Tuesday noon class in a very long time (I spent most of the summer doing personal training). First we worked on dead lifts. We were supposed to do 30 reps of our max weight as fast as possible, but I chickened out and went too light with only 80 pounds (I should  have been doing 90-95). I'll have to push myself harder next time. The workout was seven rounds of ring dips (seven), broad jumps (10) and backwards ball slams (between cones). The ball slam portion was tough! I'm sore today. 

Pebbles and I had plans to meet our friend Faith at the park, so after my workout I quickly went home to change and to get Pebbles ready (she was still in her pajamas -- I've found that it makes more sense to wait until after her nap to get her dressed). We didn't have time for lunch, so I packed her a quick bite to go. Peas and more roast beef.

Lunch: Peas and roast beef.

Pebbles was far more interested in playing in the grass than eating lunch, though, so I took the picnic lunch back home and she ate right before her 3pm nap. While she slept, I paid a few bills (fun) and prepped dinner. Leftover sweet potatoes and chicken for Pebs, burgers and roasted peppers for me and Carl. Well Fed's Cocoa-toasted cauliflower for everyone.  

Dinner: Chicken, sweet potatoes, cauliflower

At some point during the day she had half a banana as a snack, although I honestly cannot remember when. Weird, I know. She also still nurses a few times a day, and two times overnight.

Snack: Banana
Right before dinner, Carl took Pebbles out for a walk around the neighborhood. I had the whole house to myself for 30 minutes! I think this is probably only the second time I've been alone in the house in almost a year. I enjoyed the quiet time, but was super happy to see Pebbles' cute face when they returned home from the walk. A half hour is long enough. 

Anyway, after dinner Pebbles had her bath and went to bed protested bedtime. We watched New Girl (hilarious) and a few minutes of The Voice (over it) before calling it a night (OK, so it totally sounds like we watch a lot of TV -- we don't, I promise! I usually just read before bed). Pebs woke up a couple of times between 8pm and midnight (teething), but after that she did pretty great and we all got a decent night's sleep!


  1. Looks eye candy:) hope it tastes well..

  2. Wow- this is so fascinating! I'm not a paleo eater, so it's fun to see how you and your daughter eat. Yay for that half hour of quiet time- that she become a daddy-daughter tradition. :)

  3. My husband is on a mostly Paleo diet and I avoid gluten for the most part so my 11 month old gets mostly whole foods too. With quite a bit of dairy thrown in, boy loves his cheese. So happy to see other babies doing the same!

  4. Isn´t it a bit low fat for a 11 month old ?
    but thanks for sharing :)

    1. Low fat is not even in our vocabulary around here. Trust me, she's getting plenty of fat. Today for breakfast she downed half of a large avocado.

  5. Yum!

    I'm a new follower to your blog. I found it while looking for paleo ideas for my baby. We've been doing paleo for a few months now and I love it, but for some reason I was stumped as to what to give our baby. Funny, huh? I was scrambling for snack and lunch ideas.

  6. I always really enjoy your "day in the life" posts. I've never really written posts like that because I assumed that nobody would care to read them, but I just realized how much I love reading that sort of stuff when other bloggers write about it, so go figure. It's so interesting to see the similarities and differences in how others manage family life, and to get ideas for activities, ways to organize the day, foods to try, etc. Thanks for sharing :)

    P.S. The "piano lessons" comment made me laugh. Oliver also loves to "play" the piano and to bang on anything that resembles a percussion instrument (or anything that doesn't... think cordless phone handset on the coffee table, lol). It will be interesting to see if he develops an interest in music, or if this is just typical baby behaviour.

  7. All of these meals look so tasty. Do you ever get any digestion problems or issues when you combine fruit like that with meat? I can't seem to combine the two without having digestion issues. :(


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