Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Early morning workouts

This morning, I finally decided to do something I've been thinking about for weeks. I got up early and went to the gym at 6:30am. For me, this is huge because I am not an early riser. I would sleep until 8am everyday if I could. In fact, before my baby arrived I usually did sleep until 8am. Things have changed, though, and I no longer have the ability to sleep in as late as I want and I can no longer work out whenever I feel like it. My gym time has to be planned in advance and it also has to be coordinated with Carl in such a way that allows him to hit some classes, too. We were alternating evenings for a while, but that really limits both of us in terms of how often we can work out. So, mornings it is! For the time being, I'll go Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, as well as Thursdays at noon (I have a babysitter for a few hours every Thursday). Carl will go after work.

I know this is going to be tough for the first couple of weeks, but I'm pretty confident that once it becomes a habit I'll actually like our new schedule. In fact, I felt really great this morning after my hour-long TRX class and I'm thinking that getting up with the roosters is a really good move in terms of making the most of my time at the gym. I mean, if I am going to get up that early I am going to make sure every push-up counts! 

What types of changes did you make to your workout schedule when your children were born? 


  1. I have definitely favored workout videos and whatever exercise can be done at home since having kiddos. I love doing tabata sprints also, since doing 3 reps only takes me a total if 12 minutes! and I love the 4 essential movements from Mark's daily apple, since they can easily be done while my kids are finishing a meal or otherwise occupied.

  2. I actually started working out more than I ever have after my baby was born. He was born 9/6/11, and I joined the CrossFit near my office right after I went back to work at the end of October. My husband and I trade off on evenings. Monday, Wednesday and Fridat are my days for the gym after work, so my husband is on "baby duty" those days. Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm on baby duty and he can do whatever he wants. I've found this schedule to work perfectly, and I'm feeling better than I ever have!

  3. Excellent! So glad you have both found a routine that works for you.

  4. It cracks me up that you consider sleeping until 8 am "sleeping in" I have two kids, a 3 year old and a 3 month old and struggle with the morning routine. Lucky for me, my kids don't rouse until 8 am, but I am such a night owl - regularly up until 1 am - that 8 am feels like the crack of dawn to me :) I am starting cross fit at a local box soon and trying to come to terms with having to workout at 7 am.


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