Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not so tired.

Me and my baby girl at the end of January (photo by my talented sister-in-law, Sheryl). She's grown a lot
since this photo was taken, and I can hardly believe she'll be five months old in a few days!

When I wrote my last blog post on February 8th, I was so tired I could not think straight. Months and month of sleep deprivation (dating back to last summer, really) had taken its toll. A few times, I was so tired I could barely muster the energy to snap the baby's diaper ... I remember just standing over the changing table, waiting for Carl to come in and finish the diapering job. I even missed a physical therapy appointment because I was too tired to drive. I needed sleep badly, and if I didn't catch some ZZZZs soon I was going to lose it.

Good news -- I am doing much, much better! I still haven't had an uninterrupted night of rest, but we're getting there. Life is starting to feel normal again. A new normal, but normal nonetheless. Thanks a ton to those of you who chimed in on Facebook with great advice on helping my baby sleep. Especially fellow blogger One Fit Mom. Her advice was a complete game changer for us. Now, instead of a baby who stays up until midnight and wakes up every two hours to eat, I have a baby who goes down easily around 7:30pm and sleeps until 7:30am (with just two feedings during that 12-hour stretch). She even takes two fairly-predictable naps per day. What a relief.

Now that I am more rested, I'm able to see things a little more clearly. Especially my fitness ambitions. In short, I realized that my approach was a little off. I was way too eager. Even after my physical therapist told me to dial it way down, all I could think about was dialing it back up again. This didn't do anything for me other than leave me feeling frustrated and annoyed. I think I've finally moved beyond this stage, though. I spent the past several weeks focusing more on rest and nutrition and less on working out, and it seems to have payed off. And now, I feel healthy, I feel strong, I feel satisfied with the progress I've made toward achieving the goals I set at the beginning of February, and I'm excited to get back to a more consistent blogging schedule. Thanks (again) for sticking with me as I adjust to all the new things motherhood brings to my life!


  1. I'm so glad things are going better! Sleep as a new momma is so important, kudos to you for working to get yourself and your family in a healthy routine! I'm in the process of doing that myself. It's not easy, but the progress I am seeing makes it easier to keep working toward the goal. Looking forward to more posts from you :)

  2. That's great to hear! My little Peanut is eight weeks today, and I'm finding it hard to get back on track with CrossFit and dealing with the fact that she struggles to nap on her own. It's good to hear that you're making progress!

  3. Thank you, Emily and Lindsey. There are ups and downs but overall everyone is still getting more rest. Lindsey -- Hope things are going well with your new little girl!

  4. Dawn I have to ask, what method or strategy did you use? I've been following yours and Carli's blog since you're both paleo, realistic and have babies the same age group as mine (he's 7 months old, 100% paleo, bad sleeper). I read Carli's post on her success with sleep. Lucky girl. Any chance you can post your sleep journey?

    Keep up the great blogging.


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