Friday, January 6, 2012

Sugar detox, day five

When I went to the store last Sunday, I bought an insane amount of vegetables. Partially because I had all these grand aspirations of trying out new recipes. I should have known better! My maximum amount of time in the kitchen these days is about 30 minutes, so if I can manage to cook up a decent and simple dinner, well, that is accomplishment (tonight was chicken and broccoli -- boring, but good enough). A new/interesting recipe would be a huge stretch. I hope we're able to get through all the remaining cauliflower, kale, jicama, carrots, cucumbers and lettuce before its too late.

With that said, I did try out a couple of (easy) new recipes with coconut flour this week. All I can say is BLECH! I need to just give up with that stuff. I've never liked it and I probably never will. On the flip side, are you a fan of kale chips? I'm not going say they are anything like potato chips, but they are pretty darn tasty. I made them for the fist time the other day and I will definitely make them again.

As for how I am feeling on day five, I'm going to rate it an 8 out of 10. Inflammation is still improving, I've lost a pound, my clothes are feeling loser and I have plenty of energy for my workouts (which have been extremely challenging this week). Baby is doing great, too! She is starting to go to bed just a little earlier at night, and she's taken two long afternoon at home (she used to only take long naps when we were out and about). I'm not necessarily attributing this to the improvements in my diet (because she was doing well before, as long as I stayed away from ice cream and garlic), but it certainly doesn't hurt!

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  1. So glad I'm not the only one who's not so sure about coconut flour! So far we've found one recipe we like (for banana pancakes), but none of the baked goods I've tried with it have been even remotely good. Do you have a favorite kale chip recipe? I'd love to try making some.


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