Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sugar detox, day 17 + pelvic floor rehab

Every new mom has a frustrating day now and then. For me, that day was today.

I guess it all started last night, when the baby refused to go to bed. I think we were up until about 2am. She got to sleep in, but I did not. I had to get up early to pump and get us both ready and out the door by 10:15am for my pelvic floor rehab appointment. Usually, I am able to pump about five ounces every morning but this morning I only managed to squeeze out about two.

We made it to my 11am appointment, and she slept through it (yay!). The appointment was good in the sense that I am going to be able to repair the damage done to my pelvic floor during childbirth. The not-so-good part is that a problem even exists. I'll do a more detailed post on pelvic floor rehab later on, but in short my pelvic floor muscles are very weak (despite doing lots of kegals during pregnancy), and if I don't do something about it know I might end up with pelvic organ prolapse. Not fun. My treatment protocol for now is a couple of pelvic stabilization exercises in the morning and lots of kegals all day long. I also have to wear a sacroilliac belt, and I have to scale back my workouts a lot. And by a lot I mean A LOT. This is really disappointing to me because we are in the middle of doing a bunch of strength challenges and benchmark workouts and, well, I have goals. But, my therapist implored me to avoid any heavy lifting, as well as squats and lunges or any other move that might put pressure on my pelvic floor. Yoga is also out. Wait, no yoga? And here I thought I was doing myself a favor by making yoga a priority. Great!

Anyway, I know the scaling back and the crazy belt are for the best, but it still put a damper on my day. For the next few hours, everything just felt a bit askew. Spit-up in my hair, dirty diapers left on the changing table, a sink full of dishes, the realization that I do not like the Zella Activewear that I bought at Nordstrom last month, etc. Plus, I felt irritated by the 21-Day Sugar Detox. It is citrus season for goodness sake, and citrus (in moderation) is healthy! I seriously felt like giving in and enjoying a fresh grapefruit. But Carl reminded me how disappointed I would be if I didn't see this through till the end, and he's right (instead, I had carrot sticks, almond butter and decaf Nespresso ). Four more days till the 21-day challenge is over. I can easily do this.


  1. i'm interested to hear more about your pelvic floor issues. it's an issue and ongoing concern for me as a mother of 5 with 9 pregnancies underway.

    i read (after baby #5) that kegals should not be done. they have an adverse affect. squats are the optimal exercise for the pelvic floor. i've noticed the difference this time around.

  2. I am new to the whole low carb thing. I just finished a 21 sugar detox myself after consuming way too many cookies over the holidays. I gave birth to a healthy little girl last Nov. and still have a few pounds to lose. I feel like we are in the same boat. Most recently, I believe that I am in ketosis since I have scaled way back on the carbs. Is it okay to still breastfeed if you are in ketosis? Just wondering what your experience has been since it sounds like you eat even less carbs a day than me? Thanks for your blog!

  3. Dawn, I've read the exact same thing, although I can't for the life of me remember where I read it. It was something along the lines that kegels can actually be detrimental to pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy, whereas squats (and I think to a lesser extent, deadlifts) are beneficial. However, I'm not a therapist, and I've no idea whether or not that holds true if there's an injury to rehabilitate post-partum.

    You're right: frustrating days happen to new moms all the time. But as the baby gets older, they happen more and more infrequently, and the good days more often :)

  4. You may want to read this article:

  5. Thanks, all, for the comments! I will definitely be blogging about my pelvic floor rehab experience. I have a lot of confidence in my therapist, but I am always interested in a variety of perspectives. Once I go into more detail it will probably explain why I'm not doing squats. I'll check out that link, Sondra! Thanks again.

  6. Ali -- I'm not sure about your ketosis question. I'll see what I can find out and will try to have an answer for you in the near future. :-)

  7. Sondra, I found that link so helpful when you posted it on PH. I'm giving birth for the first time in about 4 weeks and I haven't been doing kegels, but have been doing squats and sitting on an exercise ball at my desk to keep the pelvis at a proper tilt. Fingers crossed!


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