Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sugar detox, day 16

Well, it took me 16 days to deviate from the 21-Day Sugar Detox plan. Until today, my compliance was pristine. This afternoon, however, I snacked on a Fuji apple. Only green apples are allowed, and only one serving of fruit is allowed per day. I had already had my daily allotment of fruit (a frozen green-tipped banana) with my breakfast.

The apple was a conscious choice. It was not the result of a moment of weakness, a decision to give up or a mad sugar craving. I weighed the pros and cons, and the pros won. I do not feel bad about it, and I do think this one apple will instigate a sugar spiral. I still feel like the sugar detox is a success for me.

Nonetheless, I feel compelled to explain myself (because 100% compliance is very important to me). Essentially, it comes down to a near-empty fridge, the inability to go to the store (the stroller was with Carl at work -- we forgot to switch it back over to my car after we went out in his the other day) and the realization that I have been eating the same things over and over (and over) again. It was either break down and choose the apple, or make another snack of cucumber slices and canned tuna. And really, the tuna/cucumber option wasn't really an option at all because I had already exceeded my weekly tuna ration (fish is generally not my friend, but I can handle tuna and some other varieties in small doses). Under normal circumstances, I would probably just skip it altogether ... no apple, no tuna, no cucumber, etc. I would just wait until I could get to the store. But that scenario doesn't really work for a nursing mom. I need to make sure my baby is getting adequate nutrition in her diet, and that can't happen if I'm not getting adequate nutrition. This one Fuji apple was the best choice available to me. And I thoroughly enjoyed every sweet, crisp bite.


  1. I am curious, not knowing any particulars about the 21-Day Sugar Detox, why are bananas okay but red apples aren't, when the same quantity of apple contains 1/3 less carbohydrate than that of banana?

    1. That is a really good question and honestly I am wondering about this as well. It does specify a green-tipped banana, but still it does seem odd to me. I'll ask and see what I can find out.


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