Friday, January 13, 2012

Sugar detox, day 12

Another day, another boiled egg. Sometimes, I feel like boiled eggs are the only thing on the menu. Does anyone else feel this way? At some point, I'm sure to get sick of them. Then again, who knows. I've yet to get sick of chocolate, coffee and blueberries.

In other news, guess what I found at Trader Joe's this afternoon? Two new (to me) items that do not contain sugar or any other toxic ingredient, like soy or weird oil! Meet the TJ's Puttanesca Sauce and Olive Tapenade Spread ...

I'm particularly excited about the sauce, because all the other organic/sugar-free sauces I've found are crazy expensive. This one is only $2.99. Score. I just hope we like it!

Well, that's all I've got for today. We're headed to a retirement party for one of Carl's co-workers, so I have to hurry and get the baby ready for a night out (which involves packing a few diapers and a change of clothes, along with a full bottle of milk). Sayonara for now!


  1. Can you please post a list of your staples from TJ's? I'm new to shopping there because I always have a hard time finding the Paleo/gluten free foods. I would love to see what other items you buy there.

  2. Hi Adriane! Sure, I'll include a list in a post sometime this coming week.


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