Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sugar detox, day 11

Day 11 and good things are happening! With me and the baby. I'll start with the baby.
  • Her already soft, smooth and clear baby skin looks prettier than ever.
  • She knows longer screams her head off every single time her diaper is wet. She still informs me that she needs to be changed, but in a quieter fashion.
  • Her random cat naps have transitioned into longer naps. As in, two long naps per day!
  • She's no longer eating, like, 20 small-ish meals per day. Now, it is more like four or five (plus one or two middle-of-the-night feedings) full meals. OK, she was never eating 20 times a day -- but it sure did feel like it. 
  • Baby fat! I'm starting to see little rolls and chubbier cheeks. She even has cankles (cankles are cute on infants).
I don't know how much of this has to do with my diet. Babies are changing and growing all the time, and perhaps some of these changes just happen to coincide with the 21-Day Sugar Detox. Either way, I'll take it! Especially the napping.

As for me ...
  • I feel like I have more mental clarity; like I can focus more. The result: she naps, and I check off the to-do list at lightening speed. Awesome.
  • I am remembering to take my supplements every single night. Prenatal, B-Complex and Ovega-3. During my sugar-binge stage, I skipped them far too often. Now it is a priority and a habit.
  • My skin is looking better, too. 
  • I am totally off Advil. The pain from inflammation I was feeling is bearable in the morning, and completely gone by noon. 
  • Little-by-little, I am starting to pull a few items of clothing out of my pre-pregnancy drawer. 
  • Even though I cannot find the time to cook interesting meals (I suppose could cook while she naps, but honestly I have other priorities), I am doing just fine sticking to the program. I seem to have it pretty streamlined. We haven't had an "oh no, there is nothing for dinner" night in almost two weeks. Well, until tonight that is. Ugh.
In short, I feel healthy, balanced and strong. Kinda like I felt a year or so ago when I was several months into paleo but not yet pregnant. I felt healthy, balanced and strong during pregnancy, too -- but it was a different kind of healthy, balanced and strong.

How has the 21-Day Sugar Detox helped you so far?

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  1. I just want you to know that I spent a couple of hours last night devouring your blog posts. I've been Paleo since last March, and my husband and I have started talking babies...your advice and pregnancy journal proved an interesting and enlightening read.

    You mentioned homemade cleaners, baby wipes, etc. I didn't get back far enough to find more info. Do you have blogs on these topics? If not, can you post some of your frugal, natural baby-raising secrets?


    -A in SD


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