Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Paleo snacks at the mall + sugar detox, day 10

The mall is not the place to go on an empty stomach when you're doing the 21-Day Sugar Detox. Actually, it is never the place to go on an empty stomach. The dining choices are abominable. Pretzel kiosks, Orange Julius, psuedo-ethnic joints in the food court, etc. Gross (in the case of Orange Julius, delicious -- but still gross!). We do have one place we like, though -- The Nordstrom Cafe. It is tucked away in the corner on Nordstrom's second floor, far away from the noise pollution of the food court and other mall dining establishments. When we go, I always order the lime cilantro chicken salad (hold the cheese, corn and dressing) and Carl gets some sort of panini. We end of spending $20. Too much, but it is money well spent when you consider the alternatives.

I've convinced myself that the salad is paleo, but the honest truth is I have no idea whether the chicken marinade contains sugar. I could ask, of course, and next time I will. But when I was at the mall on Monday with the baby, I was not in the mood to ask. Nor I was in the mood to sit down and order lunch. I just wanted to run in, return a shirt and get home. The morning had been crazy and we had just spent two hours at our mom-and-baby group (which we have since decided to bag, but I'll save that story for later). I realized, though, that it was 2:40pm and my only meal so far that day had been one green apple (this is not typical for me; I almost always make breakfast a priority). I was frustrated that I had put myself in this position -- at the mall, with a fussy baby, on an empty stomach, right in the middle of the sugar detox. I could have been more organized, I said to myself. I could have planned ahead. I could have packed a snack. But the bottom line is I did not, and there was no sense in beating myself up over it. I just needed to find a solution. Leaving the mall and heading immediately home was not an option, because home is 21 miles from the mall and I had a tired/wet/hungry baby on my hands. Fortunately, I remembered that the Nordstrom E-bar has boiled eggs! And that Starbucks has plain roasted almonds! Problem solved. I got my snack (plus a decaf Americano), I fed and changed the baby in the fabulous Nordstrom mother's room, I returned the shirt and I made it home by 4pm. Success! 

Now on to today! Today is day 10 and, while I went to sleep last night feeling victorious, I woke up this morning feeling defeated. The joints in my fingers felt swollen again, and I just felt tired and blah overall. I also made the mistake of stepping on the scale. Two pounds gained this week, what?! This puts me at a net loss of zero pounds since the detox started. $*#& scale. I'm swearing it off for the next 11 days. The scale alone isn't a good measure of progress, anyway. I should know this by now.

Come to think of it I probably consumed too much salt yesterday -- the Trader Joe's chicken sausage I like has a lot of sodium, and I also put olives (again, lots of sodium) on the salads I made for lunch and dinner. That explains everything.

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  1. Never underestimate weight from the extra milk when baby goes on a growth spurt. Being a food source for another person accounts for a few pounds, give or take. When she is weaned, it will go. Until then, you are working against nature with the last few pounds.


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