Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Homemade baby wipe solution

A few weeks ago, I mentioned on Facebook that Carl and I were in the process of making our own baby wipe solution. We started out using Baby Bum Drops, but after going through one very expensive box ($13.95 for a three ounce container, and it only lasted about six weeks) we decided that DIY was the way to go. Carl spent some time researching/experimenting, and this is what we ultimately came up with ...

  • Two drops of lavender essential oil (we use Aura Cacia)
  • Two drops of sweet orange essential oil (again, Aura Cacia)
  • Two drop of baby shampoo (we use Burt's Bees Baby Bee)
  • 16-ounces of water
Mix everything together in a container that pours easily (we just grabbed a small Rubbermaid bottle from the kitchen) and shake. That is it! Nothing to it!

For the wipes themselves, right now we are using Prince Lionheart Warmies -- but I am not very impressed. After the first couple of times through the wash, they lost all their softness. Now, they just feel like a regular (cheap) wash cloth. I won't buy them again. I also bought the accompanying wipes warmer at a garage sale for $5. The seller assured me it worked, but when I got home I discovered it didn't work at all and some of the pieces were missing! I have no plans to get a new one, though, because after three months of cloth diapering, the idea of a wipes warmer seems totally unnecessary. We just use it to store and saturate the wipes (just because it is there), but you could use just about any container for that.


  1. Dawn, let me know if you would like me to sew some wipes for you (and what kind of bamboo jersey maybe?)

  2. Is the lavender essential oil for the smell only? I ask because I'd love to make my own wipe solution but lavender makes me sneeze like crazy!

  3. Hi Sheryl -- Yes! I would love that! Not sure what type of fabric. Whatever you like would be great, I'm sure!

    Hi Tracy -- Lavender is meant to be relaxing/calming, but I am sure it would be totally fine to leave it out if it makes you sneeze.

  4. If you are making your own wipes, flannel is great. It only gets softer with age and if, heaven forbid, your baby should get a rash that isn't solved by more homeopathic methods, the flannel wipes do a great job of protecting your cloth diapers from medicinal and rash creams. If you have a stack of flannel receiving blankets lying around those work great!


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