Monday, January 23, 2012

The 21 day sugar detox is over!

Officially, that is. But I have no plans undo all of my hard work by adding copious amounts of fruit and other forms of sugar back into my diet. I did have a small piece of dark chocolate today, as well as 1/4 of a slice of some pumpkin bread I baked yesterday. The dark chocolate was delicious, and I was happy with just that small piece. The pumpkin bread, however, was just too sweet for me. I actually felt like spitting it out. I should have spit it out.

So, here are a few random thoughts about my experience:
  • I lost two pounds! Not much, but I didn't really expect to lose much. I'll still need to lose 10 more to make it to my pre-pregnancy weight.
  • I now fit into a few pairs of pre-pregnancy pants. These pants, however, are not just my pre-pregnancy pants -- they are my pre-paleo pants. I still have pants that are one and two sizes smaller that I would eventually like to fit back into.  
  • Just as I don't believe in eating food that makes you feel bad just because it is tasty, I also don't believe in eating food you don't like just because it is part of a particular plan/diet philosophy, etc. If I ever do this detox again, I'll choose the fruit I like best -- pears, Fuji apples and berries -- instead of the fruit listed as 'acceptable' in the 21-Day Sugar Detox guide (green apples and green-tipped bananas). 
  • Sugar is everywhere, from the gluten-free menu (and the regular menu, too) at P.F. Chang's to the organic deli turkey at New Seasons Market. Why? WHY?
  • In the final days of the detox, I felt like finishing it out was really just an exercise in discipline for me and no longer all that beneficial from a beating-the-carb-and-sugar-cravings perspective. In fact, I think I was probably past that phase within a few days. I actually found myself feeling annoyed this past weekend that I couldn't have a small glass of wine simply because it wasn't January 23rd yet. I mean, I've gone almost an entire year without wine already (save for the two glasses I had in December) and I'm tired of waiting. I like wine and I want to drink it and that is that. It wasn't a craving; it was just Saturday night.
  • Going forward, I am going to continue avoiding sugar, i.e. no sugar in coffee/tea, no downing handfuls of grapes while watching TV at night, no giving in to social pressure to have treats, etc. I'm not, however, going to freak out about the minuscule amount of sugar in the Trader Joe's turkey bacon that we like. 
  • My diet is very predictable and repetitive, and during this detox it was even more predictable and repetitive than ever. Eggs, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, almonds, grilled chicken over and over and over again. I like a lot of different vegetables, but I tend to gravitate toward the same ones all the time. When I try to branch out, food (and money) goes to waste. From now on, I'm just going to buy what I know we will eat, and I'm only going to buy extra stuff like kale and jicama if I know I am going to use it right away.
  • I eat way too many almonds and macadamia nuts, and I need to get a handle on this pronto. I think I'm going to stop snacking on nuts altogether. Almond butter to pair with my Fuji apples, yes. Handfuls of nuts as snacks, no. 
  • I have to admit that at some point I'll probably need to do this detox again. Right now I am feeling great and very motivated to keep my diet super clean, but life happens. 
  • Finally, I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to participate in the January detox group! And I love the Balanced Bites detox guide ... it is packed with great info on healthy eating, and it is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about paleo. I'm sure I'll refer to it a lot when people ask me questions about my diet. 


  1. ood job for sticking to the detox until the end.

  2. I think we share the same philosphy on food and dieting... I will forever eat well, but I'm no longer going to let it rule my every thought. I will celebrate during times of celebration, I will try many foods, even those that contain wheat, but I will stick to a paleo-diet as my regular food, forever as it is what makes me feel good and healthy and helps me to perform at my best. I will go through short cycles of detoxing and more strict regimines, but they will be short cycles to refresh, get back on track, or simply try something new, but the simple healthy way that I eat as norm, is not only easy to do, but my body in particular, thrives on it.

    Yay for your for stickint to the full 21-day detox... I made it about 15 days the last time around, before a celebration just needed celebrating... =)

    You are an inspiration, I love reading your blog.

  3. Fitting into pre-pregnancy clothes is something of a challenge on a good day. I suspect if you are like most other women, your body changed in more ways than just weight gain--chances are excellent your hips just might be wider than they were, no matter how much weight you lose and hoping to fit into *those* pants might just make you feel awful once you get to the 9 month mark (9 months up and 9 months down regardless of what you do usually) and realize that for some reason, for all the foods you've given up and the desserts you've declined, those pants still won't fit. Eat well, enjoy your body as it is--it just created a life! I am all for people significantly reducing sugar in their diets, but the focus on weight loss and aiming to fit into old clothes is not where your energy needs to be. Toss those old pants--give them to some friends who haven't yet had kids. Find some lovely new pants that will flatter your new curves. Exercise, eat well, enjoy your baby.

  4. Thank you, Karie and Lisa. :-)

    I actually think it is way, way too soon to get rid of clothes that I can't yet fit into. Clothes that I LOVE. If an appropriate amount of time passes and it becomes clear that those pants are not going to fit again, I'm fine with that and I will give them away. I know of several moms, believe it or not, who DO fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes. Who knows if I'll be one of them, but no way am I going to assume I won't be one of them at this point. BTW, paleo isn't about giving up desserts and other stuff, it is about making the most nutritionally sound choices. Even if I never lose another pound, I am still going to follow this way of eating because I feel best when I do.


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