Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My current menu

Even though the nausea has subsided, I haven't had all that much of an appetite these past several days. And when I do want to eat, I'm only interested in a few things: eggs, beef, raw carrots, pickles, dark chocolate, oranges, spicy salsa, celery, almond butter and warm beverages. Usually, I like to eat a lot of veggies. These days I am not excited about them at all. Today's lunch was going to be spinach salad with chicken and tomatoes,  but the ingredients look revolting to me now. Fortunately, all the things I'm liking at this point are paleo (with the exception of the warm beverages, which can be paleo but are often very un-paleo -- so far, though, I haven't given in to the urge for a rich, creamy mug of hot cocoa with whipped cream).

Morning sickness

I spent Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last week with (almost) all-day nausea and extreme fatigue. The fatigue is sticking around (I'm OK with that -- I have time to nap and let my body do what it needs to do). The nausea, however, has all but disappeared, and the credit goes to spearmint essential oil and lemon ginger tea. I'm just putting a drop of spearmint oil on my pillow at night, and sipping a cup of lemon ginger tea in the morning. So far, it seems to do the trick (the oil also makes my hair smell great!)! The spearmint idea came from a book called The Complete Book of Essential Oil and Aromatherapy, and the tea idea just seemed to make sense based on things we've heard before. I'm happy, because the nausea is really disruptive to daily life.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Quesy workout

Today was my first knowingly-pregnant High Def workout. It. Was. Tough. After our warm-up, we did an 800-meter run, followed by a 20-minute amrap of seven thrusters, seven wall balls and seven of another thing that was new to us (and I can't remember the name!). I felt queasy the entire time, and I really had to push myself in order to keep going. I can kinda sorta see how pregnant women would be tempted to just forget the working out thing altogether.

When I arrived home, I ate some spicy salsa with a spoon (is this a pregnancy craving, because it certainly isn't something I would normally have for lunch?) and then promptly feel asleep. When I woke up, I still felt queasy. All day morning sickness. I spent the next hour researching essential oil remedies for this and other pregnancy side effects. I have a few ingredients on hand, but I am placing an order for the rest ASAP!!

Recipe: Coq au vin (with white wine instead of red)

One of my favorite things to do in the kitchen is to change recipes up to suit our tastes. Sometimes, this involves making non-paleo recipes paleo (this is surprisingly simple!). Just as often, however, I find myself making changes to Paleo recipes -- in part because so many recipes involve bacon or other paleo ingredients we choose not to eat. Tonight, I did this with the coq au vin recipe from Everyday Paleo. Instead of pearl onions (which is a standard ingredient in all coq au vin), I used half of a diced sweet onion, which is the only type of onion I like. I also swapped out bacon for turkey bacon and red wine for white.

When I planned our weekly menu on Monday morning, I didn't intend to use white wine. I even bought a bottle of David Hill Farmhouse Red specifically for the recipe. Little did I know I was a pregnant. Consequently, I decided to use an open bottle of white wine that was in the fridge rather than opening a whole new bottle. It was different, but super delicious -- and we liked it just as much as when I made it a couple of weeks ago with Pinot Noir.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I doubt that anything I do, anything I read, or any advice I hear will fully prepare me for having a baby. Nonetheless, I want to be as prepared as possible. Part of this involves talking to friends who know a little something about the trials and tribulations of getting-pregnant, like my pal Amber who (after struggling with infertility for two years) is set to deliver twin boys in a few short weeks. Amber is a fabulous source of information for me. Just yesterday, she sent me an email brimming with great tips (including where to get the best deal on home pregnancy tests)! She is one of the few friends we've talked to about this whole baby thing, and I am extremely grateful to have her as a confidant. I'm also reading a few books, studying-up on pregnancy-related topics and listening to a super-cool podcast called Paleo Talk (Paleo Talk hosts Sarah and Crissy address lots of questions surrounding pregnancy and raising kids from a paleo perspective). I am doing all of these things because I think it is so, so important to prepare my mind for pregnancy. With that said, I have to admit that my highest priority right now is preparing my body. Physical changes are inevitable with pregnancy, and I want to be strong so I can embrace these changes rather than bemoan them.

Fortunately, I am already in a really great place. I don't need to lose weight, I'm way stronger than I've ever been, I can run for miles without stopping. But I know I have room for improvement, so starting next week I am going to kick it up a notch! I need a challenge, and I need to be pushed to the limit! So, for the next six- to eight weeks (at least) I'll be doing two sessions per week with my personal trainer (in addition to my current schedule). On some level I already know what she has in store for me ... but she is always full of surprises. I am anticipating pain. Turmoil. Maybe even tears and vomit. In the end, though, it will be worth it (pregnant or not).