Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What to wear after having a baby

I am still 12 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. The weight isn't really a big deal to me right now (my baby is only two months old!). But extra pounds and inches create a pretty significant problem: nothing to wear. It was either try to squeeze into my old jeans (they zip, but not without muffin top and a great deal of discomfort) or continue wearing my maternity pants. Neither option was acceptable to me, so I decided to go shopping. I called Nordstrom, scheduled an appointment with a personal stylist and packed up the baby for her first (of many!) trips to my favorite store.

I'm a big fan of Nordstrom's complimentary personal stylist service. As much as I love wandering around the store and looking at all the beautiful clothes, right now it is just easier to park myself in the dressing room with the baby and let the salesperson bring everything to me. And even though the stylist initially brought in a bunch of outfits that I specifically said I wasn't interested in (premium denim, designer accessories, $100 sweaters), I left feeling very satisfied with my purchases. Everything is comfortable, washable (dry-cleaning does not make sense when you are carrying around a baby all day) and does a pretty good job hiding what I want to hide. I didn't really get all that much (13 items total, and that includes shoes), but everything mixes-and-matches so I won't be wearing the same outfit every day. And it allows me to be comfortable without falling into the whole frumpy new mom look (I've had friends warn me that if they ever catch me in frump wear, they'll stage an intervention -- and I would totally want them to!).

For pants, I went with two styles from Nordstrom's Zella activewear line -- the 'Balance' reversible pants and the 'Live-In' leggings. Technically, these are gym pants. But they are surprisingly versatile, and I know they will still fit (albeit a littler loser) after I lose the weight. I don't plan on working out in these pants for the time being, but later on (when I can fit into normal pants again) they will be perfect for the gym.

Zella 'Balance' reversible pants.

Zella 'Live-In' leggings.
I also choose three Zella shirts -- the 'Z T 3' tee in black and the 'Easy Breezy' hoodie in black and purple. The black tee goes with the 'New Intersect' jacket (in blue empire -- such a pretty color!). I wear all three (and the jacket) with the Balance pants and a pair of black and turquoise New Balance sneakers that I found on clearance at DSW. I'm usually not the type to wear sneakers when I'm not running or swinging kettle bells of whatever, but this just seemed to look the best.

Zella 'Z T 3' tee.

Zella 'Easy Breezy' Hoodie

Zella 'New Intersect' jacket.
To wear with the Live-In leggings, I got two Frenchi Dolman Sleeve tees from BP (one in gray; the other in a purple-ish color) and a super-cute pair of boots ('Runway,' also BP, in cognac).

Frenchi 'Dolman Sleeve' tee

BP 'Runway' boot.
New Balance sneaker (similar to my new pair).

My final Nordstrom purchase was a Hinge Princess Seam camisole in sand, to wear under everything. I love love love this cami and kinda wish I had a few more (it comes in five other colors!), but I'll have to make due with the two Satin Strap Lace Trim camis that I got at White House Black Market (one in black; one in pearl dust). I do like these a lot too, just not as much as the Hinge one.

Hinge 'Princess Seam' cami

White House Black Market 'Satin Strap Lace Trim' cami.
The one thing I forgot to look for at Nordstrom was a nicer outfit to wear to the one-and-only holiday party on our calendar. I suppose I was secretly hoping I would be able to fit into my favorite dress. No such luck. So, two days before the party I panicked and went shopping again -- this time at Banana Republic (where everything was 40% off, woo-hoo!). I decided to pick out something really basic that I could wear to other events, and miraculously the very first outfit I tried on seemed perfect. Within 30 minutes, I was out the door with my new black pencil skirt and a kindof of shimmery black cowlneck top (I can't find a photo of this one online). I still need some accessories for this outfit. I wore it the other night without a necklace or scarf and thought it seemed kinda blah, but it won't take much to brighten it up.

Banana Republic black pencil skirt
And then, finally, my random shoe purchase -- the Me Too 'Lysette' flats (from DSW) in pewter metallic. I don't know what I'll wear these shoes with, but I had to have them because I love ballet flats, and I love metallic shoes (I have metallic pumps, strappy metallic wedges, metallic flips flops, and now these flats).

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find jeans or any other normal pants that fit me right now. That's OK, though -- I like the leggings and stretch pants. I'll probably be sick of them by spring, so hopefully I'll be able to fit into my pre-pregnancy pants by then.


  1. While breastfeeding, I really like to put the Yummie Tummie nursing tank under just about everything:

    It's shapewear like Spanx, but made for nursing moms. It has poor reviews on Amazon for some reason, but I literally wear it about every day, and it allows me to wear some of my larger pre-preg jeans without worrying as much about muffin top. I'm 5'2" and about 128 lbs right now, and I wear a small in it. It needs to be hand washed every couple of wears to maintain its tightness.

  2. Thanks so much for the suggestion. I'll check it out! I have a couple of Medela nursing tanks and they aren't working out so well for me. Maybe this is a better option.


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