Monday, December 19, 2011

My post-pregnancy paleo diet fail

I wish I could say that my diet has been impeccable since the arrival of my sweet pea on October 24th, but the reality is it has been a mess. There are good days and bad days (even a good week here and there), but unfortunately eating ice cream for lunch or deciding to reach for the bread basket while dining out have become far more commonplace than I would prefer. Oddly, I don't feel terrible -- but I am dealing with some fairly painful joint inflammation in my hands. I'm convinced that cleaning up my diet will help alleviate the symptoms.

I attribute the onset of this two-month quasi-hiatus from paleo to my own poor planning. I did not prepare freezer meals for those first chaotic weeks in advance of our baby's arrival. Carl wanted to, but I thought everything would go to waste. Plus, I don't really like re-heated frozen food and I really didn't want to cook while I was pregnant anyway. I guess I just thought that since we had a bunch of meat and chicken in the freezer it wouldn't be a big deal. Big mistake. It started a vicious cycle.

With a newborn baby in the house there is absolutely no time to even think about taking chicken out of the freezer. No time to go to the store to buy veggies to go with said chicken. And cooking? Haha! I think we managed to cook one real dinner (spaghetti squash) during our baby's first two weeks. The fact that Carl was recovering from a bad case of kidney stones at the same time I was recovering from childbirth added a whole new set of challenges. So, I found myself eating toast or cereal at 3am instead of a normal dinner or breakfast (because when you are up all night with a baby, you just go for whatever is quick). We went out to dinner and I ordered pasta (garlicky pasta, which my baby did not like -- she cried for hours that night!). I didn't say to no to dessert. It hasn't been everyday-all-the-time, but it has happened more than enough. I wake up every morning with the best of intentions, but at least a few days each week I do not make it through the day without at least one indulgence (this weekend it was the Nutella cookie -- trust me, you do not want the recipe!). It has gotten better recently, though. The baby is sleeping LOTS at night and we are getting into a routine, which gives me more time to prepare healthy meals. I'm hoping it won't be too long before I break the bad habits.

I know, of course, that a healthy paleo diet is super important right now. I want my baby is get the best nutrition possible and that it will not happen if I continue to allow sugar, grains and other junk to creep into my diet while I am breastfeeding. I've already determined that she is sensitive to dairy -- when I was in my ice-cream-for-lunch phase a few weeks back, she broke out! It was a pretty bad case of baby acne. Not surprisingly, when I quit the ice cream her skin cleared up within two days. No more ice cream for me!

So anyway, that is where I am at right now. I need to re-focus my efforts and get back on track before I wind up starting from scratch (and gaining back the pregnancy pounds I've lost).


  1. Dawn, great job on pregnancy pounds that you've lost! I can relate to the paleo diet fail. And I also don't feel like cooking lately! Dancing, yes! Cooking, NO! I also developing a habit of grabbing a handful of cereal along with my roasted almonds for a snack in between teaching hours. The almonds are good, cereal? Hmmm...

    I think you'll be back on track in no time. I'm so happy that my mom would be here, she actually already planning on freezing some meat or entrees (not fully cooked, but half way, because we are not a fan of reheating meals) before the baby is born. And she said, she'll cook me some food before she gets back to Indonesia so atleast I have some home-cooked meals in the freezer rather than pizza and pasta and all that? Well.. our traditional food is not paleo, but rice is gluten free, right? :) Ha!

  2. Hi Annisa -- Such a great plan that your mom is going to do some cooking in advance for you! I never felt like cooking during pregnancy. And I think it was around week 32 or so that my belly started getting in the way (it was hard to stand over the sink or stove). In any case, you are adorable and healthy and even if you have a few handfuls of cereal now and then, you are still doing great!

  3. I went paleo before I found out I was pregnant. I was feeling great and loosing the lbs I had gained since meeting my husband. Unfortunately I was paleo for a little over 1 month before I found out I was pregnant (I am pretty sure paleo had something to do with that). The last three months have been horrible in regards to nausea and I am completely off paleo. I am struggling to get back on board now that I am feeling better and wanted to know if you had any of these problems when you were pregnant? Any advice? Also, I was super into cooking before I got pregnant and now..... The kitchen seems like a foreign country I want nothing to do with....


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