Thursday, December 8, 2011

Life with a newborn

I've heard people say that they don't remember what they did or what they talked about before they had kids. So far, I haven't experienced that phenomenon. What I can't figure out is how/why I didn't do more with my day, and how on earth I ever thought I was busy. While my days used to be filled with work, domestic activities, socializing and working out, now they look like this (or at least this is what my day looked like yesterday ... I know things will change day by day):

8am: Baby wakes up hungry. I feed her, and she immediately goes back to sleep. So do I.

9:15am: She wakes up hungry again. I feed her and change her diaper. Then, I pump 5 ounces of breastmilk (to store in the freezer) while she hangs out in her bouncy chair.

10am: Baby dozes off. I play with the cat for a few minutes while she sleeps (my poor kitty doesn't get nearly the attention she used to get) Then, we go upstairs. She continues her nap in her other bouncy chair while I take a shower.

10:30am: Baby wakes up crying -- her diaper is wet. I change her, but by this time she is hangry. I feed her, and then we sit in the rocking chair and snuggle/talk about life. Somehow I also manage to eat a pseudo breakfast (a Lara bar) and make coffee.

11:30am: Another wet diaper. After I change her, she seems sleepy so I put her down in her bouncy chair so I can brush my teeth and put on make-up. I also decide to try on some of my pre-pregnancy clothes. Nope, the pants still don't fit. But, they fit maybe a tad better than they did last week. Baby wakes up, demanding to be fed NOW.

12:15pm: Carl arrives home for lunch. He rarely makes it home mid-day, so we're very happy to see him. Lunch is steamed broccoli and leftover roast beef. We gush over our baby while we eat.

12:30pm: Carl and the baby hang out while I go upstairs and answer a few emails.

1pm: Carl heads back to work, and the feed/change cycle starts back up again.

2pm: Baby and I need a change of scenery, so we hop in the car and head to Trader Joe's where we buy lettuce, tomato, avocado, bananas, snow peas, beef jerky, dark chocolate, chicken sausage and cereal (the cereal is for Carl). Several stores employees and shoppers comment on Baby's cuteness. I must admit that I agree -- she is pretty darn cute! She is wide awake, enjoying the attention and taking in the scenery. 

3pm: I don't feel like going home, so we wander around Target and Nordstrom Rack. By this time, Baby is fast asleep in her carseat. I try on a few things that look like they fit while on the hanger. They do not fit. Why do I continue to torture myself?

4:30pm: We're home now. Baby is still asleep, so I let her nap while I do some writing and snack on beef jerky and dark chocolate.

5pm: She wakes up, and it is once again time for a diaper change, feeding and playtime.

6:30pm: Carl arrives home. He and Baby catch up on their days while I chat on the phone with her grandma and grandpa.

7:15pm: Feed, change, play, repeat.

8:15pm: Baby is dozing off, and I wonder if she might actually be settling in for the night. I place her in her swing and quickly brush my teeth, put my pajamas on and crawl into bed. No such luck. Within 10 minutes, she wide awake again.

8:30pm: We introduce Baby to Carl's cousin Eva via Skype. Baby participates in the conversation for about 15 minutes. Then, she starts getting antsy so she and I head into her room. We sit down in the rocking chair and I talk to her about how darling she is and how much I love her.

9:15pm: She misses her dad, so I hand her off the him and go downstairs to clean up a few things in the kitchen. I look in the fridge for something to eat. Nothing. Well, except eggs and chicken sausage. But I'm way too tired right now to cook. Then, I remember a co-worker of Carl's telling me that she nukes her eggs in the morning. I decide to try it. I am pleasantly surprised, and decide that nuking breakfast is the way to go (at least until my routine gets a little easier).

10pm: Feed and change, again. This is also the time of night Baby starts to get a little fussy. We swaddle her and follow the Happiest Baby on the Block routine, which works -- it just sometimes takes a few rounds.

10:30pm: I throw in a load of my own laundry (seems like I only wash diapers and baby clothes these days) and answer a few more emails while Carl continues trying to the sooth the crying little one. By now I am losing track of time. All I know is there is more feeding and changing and swaddling before she is finally ready to fall asleep.

12:05pm: She is finally asleep, and within a few minutes so am I.

4:40am: Baby wakes up for her early-morning feeding. By 5:30am, she is back in bed and fast asleep.

8am: Everyone wakes up, and we start all over again!


  1. Wow!! You are a busy (but blessed Momma). I cannot wait to spend some time of my own with Miss Hannah.

    love you!

  2. "What I can't figure out is how/why I didn't do more with my day, and how on earth I ever thought I was busy." YES - my thoughts exactly!! I can't figure out how I wasn't a thousand times more productive when I had all these long hours of uninterrupted time to myself.

    Though I suppose when you think about it, we get an astounding amount of stuff accomplished in a given day. That is, if you consider two to three hours of feedings, another two to three hours of trying to lull baby to sleep, untold loads of laundry, cleaning, cooking, writing thank-you cards, etc. to be productive :)


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