Monday, October 10, 2011

The latest

Tuesday, October 4th
  • My due date is coming up fast. At this point I'm just pretty much waiting around. I know just about everyone says this, but we're hoping she arrives early. This week would be nice!
  • I'm still working out, but I only plan to go twice this week. I'm not sure if I'll do anything else (like walking) ... I'm pretty active around the house doing chores and projects so I think I'm getting plenty of exercise. 
  • Last time I checked (Saturday) I had gained 29 pounds. People keep comparing my belly to a basketball, but to me it feels more like a bowling ball. A heavy bowling ball. 
  • I'm sleeping a lot better these days, and the hip pain I complained about a few weeks ago is totally gone (yay!).
  • At my midwife appointment last week, I was measuring between 35 and 36 weeks. Since I was 37 weeks at the time, the midwife mentioned the growth ultrasound thing again. She said we would wait and see how things are progressing at my next appointment (which is tomorrow). I'm not even remotely concerned and I'm not even sure I would consent to an ultrasound. Carl and I were discussing it, and we think that the whole "your measurement should be 37 because you are 37 weeks pregnant" is just about as ridiculous as saying that every person who weighs a certain weight should have the exact same measurements. It just doesn't add up.


  1. you're right.. every woman grows differently. I didn't really start to show until 7 months. I know they measure and calculate as a guideline, but some drs/people take it too literally.

    My dr wanted to induce me...I refused. There was no medical need for it except the weekend was coming up and he wanted to be free. Besides, I went into labor naturally the same day he suggested it.

  2. You look fantastic! I really miss having a belly like that :)

    As for the measurements, good to hear you guys are so relaxed about it. Looking back, I am surprised that so much stock is put into such an inexact science as fundal height measurements. Seems to me that they're only good from about 20 weeks until the baby turns - which can be incredibly early for some women. I think I told you my own story in a previous comment, but I will add to it that my friend (whose baby was born the day after Oliver) was measuring small from about month six, and her doc decided to induce her on her due date because he was worried about the baby's growth. Turns out she gave birth to a perfectly healthy 7 lb baby on her due date, and probably would have gone a bit longer and had an even bigger baby had she not been induced.

    Anyway, congrats on hitting full term. It could be any day now (or it could be more than a month from now... I'll cross my fingers it's the former in your case). Can't wait to hear your good news and see photos of your little girl :)

  3. Hi Dawn!!!

    Good for you for working out even in week 37!!! That's awesome. Starting this week, if I even stroll for about a mile or two, I feel like Wonder Woman.

    Looking forward to your news. I think your instinct is right on - the difference between even 35 and 37 is so small...What are they worried about?

    I'm also 37 weeks (as of last Mon, 38 next) and, even though I'm getting sore hips, I want to baby to stay put for another week at least - lots of work to finish up :)

    Anyway, paleo has been awesome for pregnancy!! I have felt fantastic and had basically no discomforts other than a little mild nausea early and a little mild heartburn in the last few weeks. No stretch marks, mood swings, hemmeroids, constipation, energy swings, etc, etc. I gained 22 pounds so far (which took a lot of effort and probably every 'cheat' I had to get there). Hopefully Paleo labor will be easier too!

    Keep us up to date!

  4. Yeah you are absolutely right every women have different pregnancy growth.. healthy women would be have very good growth while pregnancy.


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