Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pure Wraps and Paleonola: Would I buy them again?

I don't know about you, but sometimes I really miss things like sandwiches and cereal. So, I was kindof excited to hear about a couple of paleo food creations with the potential to fill the hole in my heart left by my inability to pour a bowl of Puffins for breakfast or sink my teeth into a cold turkey sandwich on chewy sourdough bread for lunch (total exaggeration -- there really is no hole in my heart over this). The products I'm referring to: Pure Wraps and Paleonola. If you read paleo blogs or follow paleo tweets, you've probably heard of them. Both products are fairly new, and both seem to be getting a fairly positive response from members of the paleo community.

But are they really that great? Here are my thoughts ...

I'll start with the Pure Wraps. These babies are crazy expensive. We're talking $5.99 for a pack of four, and shipping is upwards of $8. I teamed up with four friends so we could order in bulk and save some cash on shipping, but we still paid $14.10 each for two packs. That comes to $1.76 per (tiny) wrap. IMHO, that's too much. I would rather use lettuce! I do understand that the wraps are probably fairly costly to produce, so the price is probably fair -- but that doesn't make it a worthy investment. As for flavor, texture and functionality, well, they are just OK. Flavor wise, they are sweet (way sweeter than I expected). The texture is decent, but they don't really wrap all that well (meaning, they don't stay folded the way a traditional sandwich wrap or tortilla does). I made veggie sandwiches and tuna sandwiches with my wraps, and the ingredients kept sliding out. I also spread a wrap with almond butter and homemade pear vanilla jam (almost like a paleo-friendly PB&J) -- this was by far my favorite Pure Wrap experiment. The combo of ingredients just seemed to make sense, given the sweetness of the wrap.

What did my friends think? So far, reviews are mixed. One friend has yet to report her findings. Another shares my opinion. The fourth friend gives a thumbs up. "Loved the wraps," she told me in a text message the other night. "I made two tonight, filled with egg, turkey, mayo and mango salsa. Yummy!" 

So, how about the Paleonola? In terms of flavor and quality: five stars! Paleonola is soooo delicious. The problem? It is super sweet and super addicting. And, since it is made out of nuts and seeds and honey and fruit it isn't really something we should be eating without restraint. In fact, I would say it is best to avoid using it as a cereal substitute. Instead, I would suggest sprinkling it over fresh fruit or perhaps mixing it in with some Greek yogurt (if you do dairy). In short, despite the fact that it is a near-perfect product -- it should be treated as, well, a treat. Price-wise, it won't set you back as much as the Pure Wraps but it isn't cheap either. I paid about $42.50 plus $12.50 in shipping for a variety pack. This allowed me to try a 10-ounce bag of all five flavors -- original, pumpkin pie, maple pancake, chocolate fix and apple pie (original is my favorite).

Would I order either product again? With the Pure Wraps, the answer is a hearty NO. At least not unless they slash the price (including the shipping costs) in half. Sure, I would like a sandwichy-type thing now and then, but not at this price. I would be far more compelled to occasionally buy a package if I could get them locally (right now, they are only available at a few retailers -- none anywhere near me).

I doubt I would order Paleonola again, either. Partly because I know that I could probably make some darn good grain-free granola in my own kitchen. Also, for the price, I can totally live without it. With that said, however, I really like the folks behind Paleonola and I want to support small businesses that are helping spread a good health message. So, if I could get Paleonola locally I would strongly consider buying it every once in a while.

Have you tried Pure Wraps or Paleonola? If so, what did you think?


  1. Hi Dawn,

    Thanks so much for your purchase and also taking the time to spread the word about Paleonola. We developed the product for a few reasons but wanted to create a product that was both Grain-Free and delicious. With that being said, we're constantly improving the product and have plans to expand the line in the near future. With regards to the sweetness factor we're considering lowering the amount of honey we use when we expand our line. Also we always tell people we created the product as a snack and it should not be considered as a meal. Paleo/Primal living should always be meal centric, but we know life can get crazy and busy and we wanted their to be something to fill the gaps when the time presented itself. We really do appreciate your post and we are hopeful that Paleonola will become available in your area. If you have any other suggestions or comments do not hesitate to hit us up at

  2. I've actually been looking around too for something of that kind; I'm usually settling for some almond flour & egg based wrap from time to time, it does the trick.


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