Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Baby's room, workouts and the general haps

First, a couple of photos of the baby's room in progress! What do you think? And yes, that is a glider you are looking at it. Ugh. Unfortunately, it was our only option. I am not in love with the look of it, but it is comfy and practical and something we'll be able to sell later on.

Getting things done
Blogging about my lack of motivation must have been just the remedy I need, because Monday turned out to be one of my most productive days in weeks! After a lazy morning of napping and reading, I did some serious organizing in the bathrooms, took a few things to Goodwill and moved all of the stuff we were storing in the hallway into the guest room. The guest room now looks like something you would see on an episode of Hoarders. If anyone is planning to come stay with us anytime in the next few weeks, don't worry -- the bed is still visible! We'll be going through everything this weekend, but for now I am just happy to have the piles out of my sight.

As for yesterday, it was great ... but I wouldn't call it productive. I went to Costco. I went to Sweat360. I took two naps. I chatted with a friend for a couple of hours. I watched New Girl (hilarious!), Raising Hope (after watching season one on Hulu, the characters are growing on me), and Parenthood (I can't decide whether I love or hate this show). I took meat out the freezer for dinner (I didn't do anything with it, but actually remembering to take it out has to count for something!) and scrubbed the shower while Carl cleaned the shower doors (never get shower doors if you have a choice -- they are such a hassle to clean).

Pickles, but no ice cream
As far as paleo goes, I am still on the right track and very happy about it! My midwife told me at my appointment last week that it isn't big deal if I don't feel like eating (some days my appetite is normal, other days, like today, I have no appetite), which was a relief because Carl was somewhat concerned about my lack of interest in food (he wants to make sure the baby is getting what she needs) and we've had a few, um, debates about the topic. Anyway, she told me to just eat when I feel like eating and to continue avoiding sugar and junk food. Totally doable! For the past couple of days, I've been living on eggs, chicken sausage, green salad, apples, almond butter and pickles (seriously, the pickle thing has nothing to do with pregnancy -- I've always loved pickles).

Tuesday's workout
Now for a quick recap of yesterday's workout. In a non-pregnant state, this would have been a workout that totally kicked my butt. Five rounds of 400 meter runs, 10 barbell/push-press things with a name I can't recall right now, 10 medicine ball throws (we throw them over the TRX bar, which for me is pretty high) and 10 walking lunges. I had to take it really easy, though, so I finished the workout pretty quickly. I started out way overambitious, with a 30-pound barbell plus 20 pounds of weight. After one round, though, I knew that was a bad idea so I switched to a light bar with no extra weight. It was too easy, but it was the only way to ensure that a) I didn't fall over and b) I kept proper form. The medicine ball throws were tough (these are large medicine balls -- not the normal small ones). Right now, no matter how hard I try, I cannot get the 10-pound ball over the bar because my belly is in the way. Normally attempts don't count, but I made an executive decision to count attempts. Otherwise, I doubt I would have ever finished the workout. Walking lunges were a piece of cake, though (and a great exercise for all pregnant women to incorporate into their routine!). Tonight's workout is TRX/kettlebells. I know it will be challenging, and I know I won't be able to do kettlebell swings. But I am looking forward to it nonetheless and anxiously awaiting the day I can amp things up again!

Physical changes, etc.
Switching gears a little now -- I can hardly believe that I am now in my 36th week! Baby is due one month from tomorrow. Time is flying. We still have more to do, but I am pretty relaxed about it all. Everything will fall into place. She'll arrive at the perfect moment, and if we don't have every to-do checked off the list I'm sure we'll find a way to manage.

Speaking of being relaxed, I'm definitely experiencing the effects of relaxin -- the hormone responsible for loosening joints and ligaments in preparation for childbirth. Over the course of the past week, I have actually been able to see my hips getting bigger (yikes!). I know it sounds crazy, but it was like I woke up one morning with an extra inch of hips. Some of my clothes even feel a little snug in that area. I'm not sure whether this "expansion" will continue, but I do know that I have slept with less pain the past few nights so perhaps the relaxin has done its thing? I hope so!

Right now, my weight gain is holding steady at 28 pounds. I haven't gained any weight in a week, but the week prior I gained between two and three pounds. Because I love math (haha), I calculated my average weight gain per week thus far in order to determine how much weight I will gain overall. The results? I've gained .8 pounds per week, which means I'll gain 32 pounds by my due date. This, of course, is just a guestimate and I really have no idea how much weight I will gain between now and October 23rd. It is still fun for me to do the calculation, though.

OK, well, I guess that is it for now. I still have a busy afternoon ahead and I need to get to my list before I give in to the temptation to take another nap (my first nap of the day commenced at 10:30am, right after my massage appointment). Off to Trader Joe's to stock up on some healthy paleo eats for the next few days!


  1. Whew! I just read your blog from start to finish in one sitting! I'm a fellow Portland gal, newly pregnant (only 7 weeks) and started Paleo at the beginning of the summer. So far it's been really hard with food aversions kicking in and NOTHING sounds appetizing. I typed in "paleo pregnancy" into Google this morning in an attempt to find inspiration with recipes and food ideas. I'm so glad I found your blog! It has been so informative and helpful (and such a bonus that you are in Portland - I love the restaurant suggestions!). I'll be subscribing to it and referencing older posts as I make my way through my pregnancy. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!

  2. Hi Molly,
    Congrats on your pregnancy! I'm glad my blog has been helpful to you. Keep me posted on how things are going! It is definitely nice to know of another paleo mom-to-be in Portland.

  3. Hi Lindsey,
    It wasn't thrusters ... more like a combo of thrusters and push press. Although, two weeks later I am probably describing it all wrong. :-)


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