Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A re-cap of last week's midwife appointment

28-weeks along! 12 more to go!
Last Tuesday Carl and I went to our 28-week appointment with Christine, my midwife. Everything is going very well ... no complaints from me, and no complications! The baby's heart beat is 160 (normal), I've gained 22 pounds (also normal, and actually I haven't gained any weight at all since this appointment) and I measured 27 weeks. At my previous appointment (three weeks prior) the midwife told me 27 weeks as well, but she wrote 26 in my chart (I was 25 weeks along at the time). Christine told me the measurements are subjective, and the fact that a different midwife did the measuring probably explains the discrepancy. Ideally, the same midwife would measure each time. However, starting around 26 weeks patients are rotated through all the midwives in the practice -- so having the same person measure each time isn't possible. I'll be curious to find out where things stand at my next appointment, which is coming up in just five days (I have now reached the point where I see a midwife every two weeks).

A few days before my appointment I went in for part two of my glucose tolerance test. As I mentioned previously, I did not want to do the standard gestational diabetes test, so I did an alternative version. Part one -- a blood draw after a 12-hour fast -- occurred a few weeks ago (with normal results). For part two, I had to have a blood draw after eating a high carb meal. I totally planned for my high carb meal to be healthy paleo carbs, but I failed. I was in a hurry ... I had about 15 minutes to figure out what I was going to eat in order to finish eating in time. So, my lunch consisted of kettle chips, a small caesar salad, half of a veggie sandwich (whole-grain bread, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo) and lemonade. The lemonade was soooo delicious, but it was so sweet and it left me feeling hungover and jittery. I was seriously concerned that I might not pass the test! Not only that, I found myself wondering if there is really that big of a difference between the lemonade and the disgusting glucose concoction most pregnant women receive. 

Good news, though -- my results were normal. And what if they were NOT normal? Well, I'm not sure it would have mattered much because I've heard that mothers diagnosed with gestational diabetes are advised to switch to a diet that looks very much like paleo. Hmmmm??

The blood draw did indicate one small issue -- anemia. In fact, my iron levels were quiet low. Kinda strange, as I don't have any physical symptoms of anemia and I do eat lots of meat. As of about two minutes ago, I'm on an iron supplement. Hopefully this will do the trick!

That's it for now! I'll be back with another blog post soon!


  1. so interesting!! I was thinking of doing a midwife with my 2nd. haven't confirmed a pregnancy yet, but we're trying.

    a friend went to a midwife but had such a negative experience during her checkups. her midwife took her time to notify my friend of a very dangerous condition - she could have died. not sure if it was fluke or lack of professionalism because once my friend got notice of this condition (thru snail mail) she was already in the ER. this should have been something they needed to call her about.

    anyway, don't listen to that horror story. everyone is different. i'm still excited to hear about your experience! I haven't decided if I should do dr or midwife yet.

  2. That sounds scary! Yikes! My midwife actually works in a medical practice with doctors, and all the midwives in the practice have masters degrees in nursing. They work closely with the docs, too, so if there are any issues at all we get sent to an MD right away. And I will be definitely be delivering in a hospital. Did everything turn out OK with your friend?

  3. Don't worry too much about the fundal height measurements. I ended up having to go for a growth scan because my measurements were getting smaller, but I later figured out that the "shrinking baby" totally coincided with the baby turning from breech to cephalic. At the same time, two more of my friends who are pregnant had the same issue, went for scans, and were perfectly fine, so I think it's a rather common occurrence. I'd definitely still do the growth scan if I found myself in a similar situation with a subsequent pregnancy (it's not invasive and is definitely much more accurate than external measurements), but I'd be far less concerned next time around.

    With the low iron, I found that doubling my iron supplementation brought my ferritin levels back up in about 3-4 weeks. I'm now supplementing 2 x 25g capsules, plus whatever is in my multi-vitamin (18g, I think). One of my midwives explained that pregnancy is simply not a good time for the body to store iron, so when you combine that with the substantially increased needs, it's not uncommon to become slightly anemic in spite of a good diet. The supplement I take is called R.B.C. (by Enzymatic Therapy) and it is really easy on the stomach - no nausea, stomach aches or even constipation. I just make sure not to take both capsules at once ;)

    And my gosh, you look TINY in that photo! (That's a compliment; not a judgement on how big you should be, LOL)

  4. I'm curious as to how you got them to agree to the alternative glucose test? I'm adamant I won't be drinking the traditional poison, so any advice you have would be greatly appreciated! I'm only 7 weeks (with triplets) so I have a while to prepare for the battle.

    1. I just asked and they were totally OK with it. I just said I wasn't used to consuming sugar and that I felt pretty strongly that a) I didn't want to put that junk in my body and that b) it would produce a false positive since my body would not know what to do with it. I went in thinking I would have to fight, but I didn't. I think it was helpful that by this time I had switched providers. I have a feeling my original doctor would not have been so understanding, but by this time I had switched to a midwife that was super cool. Congrats on your pregnancy! That is awesome!!


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