Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shopping for The Paleo Baby

We ordered our car seat and stroller yesterday, which left me with a huge sense of relief (by the way, if you live in the Portland area and need baby gear, definitely check out My Kidz World -- the customer service is fantastic). Our baby's due date is still 12 weeks away but time is already flying and I want to have everything ready as soon as possible!

For the stroller, we decided on the Baby Jogger City Mini in black (Carl liked green and I liked purple -- black seemed like the best compromise). We looked at a few others, including the Mountain Buggy and the Uppababy, but this was our favorite (it was more affordable, too!). The stroller is practical and very well-engineered. Plus, it isn't too tall so I'll be comfortable pushing it around. We decided to wait on most of the add-on accessories (we'll decide later what we really need/want), but the one accessory I had to have now is the cup holder (er, "liquid holster"). We also ordered a car seat adapter, which will allow us to attach the car seat directly to the stroller.

This stroller is orange (obviously), but we ordered it in black.
Speaking of car seats, I knew as soon as I looked at the Peg Perego that it was the right choice. Safe, sturdy and easy to operate. We ordered leather for simple clean-up, and an extra base so we don't have to move the entire seat from car-to-car all the time.

Today, we decided to shop for a crib. Selecting a crib should be easy, but for me it has been an overwhelming task. I mean, there are so many choices. Among those choices, though, I don't really see many differences (except in price). Anyway, we're leaning toward the Sorelle Tuscany Crib/Changer. I'll probably order it tonight.

I had no idea crib shopping would be so hard.

As for decor for the baby's room, we decided quite a while ago to forgo anything frilly and pink in favor of a nature/animal theme. For some reason I thought I would be able to carefully select each item, but who I am kidding? I did not inherit my mom's talent for home decorating. Fortunately, Carl and I both agree that the Carter's Forest Friends Collection is the perfect choice.
The collection is more cutesy than anything I originally envisioned, but that's OK -- she is a baby, after all. Now, we just need sell my desk so we can paint the room and set everything up!


  1. Yay for no pink and frilly themes! ;) You'll have enough trouble as it is trying to keep her away from the princess-y stuff later on.

  2. I didn't use a cot at all for my second child - I had a bassinet basket for him when he was little but I mainly held him, he slept on my lap after breastfeeding or I took naps with him in my bed.
    We ended up co-sleeping and still do - although he does have his own single bed now in his own room, but doesn't use it much yet.
    If you're into Paleo, you might be interested in looking at baby-wearing and co-sleeping.

  3. Super cute! How long is the changing table? Just fyi, my girls were average length, but that changing table looks too small to be useful for long. Also, it is a good idea to check the height, as you will be spending a lot of time bent over it.


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