Thursday, July 14, 2011

Goodbye home office, hello nursery

This is my desk ...

For six years, this is where I've worked. I've written hundreds of articles at this desk. I blogged my way through my husband's liver transplant at this desk. I've studied, shopped and wasted time at this desk. I've probably spent more time at this desk than on/at any other piece of furniture in my home. And if it is even remotely possible to feel attachment toward a piece of furniture from Dania, I feel that attachment for this desk. The purchase of this desk was significant, because it marked a career milestone for me.

Now, it is time to say goodbye. Not just to the desk, but to my entire office. This space is about to become the baby's room.

Instead, I'll be writing and blogging from a smaller desk in the guest room. I don't have said desk yet, but I'm leaning toward the Alaska desk, also from Dania. Yep, it is technically a youth desk. But it is the perfect size for the limited space we have available, and it is comfortable (especially when paired with the right chair). As much as I'll miss my home office, I'm excited to pick out baby furniture, decorate the guest room and create a fresh, new environment for writing.

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  1. We have to make room for life. I felt the same the day I cleaned out the site of my virtual office to make room for new additions.


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