Monday, July 25, 2011

Eating out paleo: Portland's best choices

OK, so none of these paleo are paleo through-and-through. But they do offer at least a couple of great paleo options -- something that is often hard to find. If you live in or are visiting Portland, the best paleo restaurant choices I've found are ...

The seasonal vegetable omelet at Bijou Cafe in Portland is paleo-friendly and super delicious!
  • Bijou Cafe: The menu at Bijou is absolutely jam-packed with decadent, tempting non-paleo choices, but don't let that stop you. The seasonal vegetable omelet is absolutely incredible. Fluffy, creamy and loaded with fresh veggies. Just ask for the green salad instead of the toast/potatoes and ask them to hold the freshly-baked muffin and you're all set! For those who eat pork (I do not), Bijou has a few other paleo-friendly omelets and scrambles as well.
  • The Industrial Cafe: My friend Megan recently introduced me to The Industrial Cafe, and I can't wait to go back. The menu has so many options. like steak and eggs, the veggie omelet and paleo sides like chicken sage sausage and bacon. I chose the Vaughn Street Ballpark Breakfast with scrambled eggs and chicken sage sausage. Breakfasts all come with toast and potatoes by default, but for $1 extra you can get a small bowl of fresh seasonal fruit. I even like the heading on their breakfast menu: Eggs, Meat & Vegetables. The lunch menu looks pretty good, too -- grass-fed burgers and lots of salads with chicken, steak and salmon!
  • The Observatory: We went to The Observatory this past Friday on a total whim after picking a friend up from the airport and we LOVED it. Part of it was the atmosphere. And the great service. But the food was so, so good. I ordered a sirloin steak with grilled mushrooms, tomatoes and snap peas. I didn't even have to ask them to hold or substitute anything. Our friend, who is on the Atkins Diet, ordered a lamb burger (sans bun) with salad (another paleo-friendly choice) and Carl had trout with roasted potatoes and green beans. Even though this restaurant is 27 miles from our house, we would easily make a special trip over there for dinner (loved their drink menu/wine list, too). Oh, and in the interest of full disclosure -- Carl and I shared creme brulee for dessert. Worth the indulgence? Yes!
  • Chili Inside/Chili Outside: So, this is a food cart and not an actual restaurant. As you may have heard, though, Portland is known for food carts so I'm including this in my round up. I actually blogged -- and raved -- about this place a couple of months ago (I stopped by on my way home after a Pilates session). Best chili ever, and I'm not exaggerating. Just make sure you ask them to hold the cheese, sour cream and corn bread (the owner assured me that their recipe does not contain sugar, by the way).


  1. Paleo needs chocolateMarch 15, 2013 at 11:09 AM

    If your looking for Paleo treats, check out Tiffany's PastelerĂ­a in Beaverton! They have the most amazing Paleo cake balls!

    It's so hard to find good grain free, dairy free, soy free and refined sugar free treats. Their treats amazed me.

    1. So cool that that place exists!! I live in Beaverton and had no idea there was such a quality dessert place. Thanks!

  2. Where is this located? Can't seem to find it on Google.

    1. Looks like they've closed up shop. Bummer! The good news is Cultured Caveman now has two locations.


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