Friday, July 22, 2011

A day in the life: What I did on Thursday, July 21st

A blog reader requested a day-in-the-life post. This is for you, Lauren!

6:45am: Wake up (or more accurately, get out of bed -- I feel like I've already been awake for hours). 

7am: Make coffee! Yes, I am a pregnant coffee drinker. I've done my research, and I think small amounts of caffeine are safe. Carl and I love Peet's Arabian Mocha Java, but this week they ran out. So, we're brewing Garuda instead (also very good). We're French Press fans, by the way.

While waiting for my coffee to brew, I eat a grapefruit. Before I cut the salt out of my diet, I used to sprinkle it on grapefruit (I learned this from my grandpa). I know it might sound odd, but it really brings out a different flavor. I've since learned, though, that I like it just as much without salt.

Zone out on the couch while drinking my coffee, watching The Today Show and reading Proverbs (I read Proverbs most mornings -- it is just packed full of wisdom). Usually, I make lunch for Carl and unload the dishwasher during this time, but today I get a break because I packed his lunch last night and the dishwasher is already empty (yay!). 

8am: Pour a big glass of water and head upstairs to take a shower. 

9:15am: The second half of breakfast: two scrambled eggs and a tablespoon of flaxseed oil. I say goodbye to Carl (he's leaving a little later than usual this morning) and get ready to sit down at my desk to do some work. 

9:30am: I'm currently writing an article for the Alaska Airlines in-flight magazine, so I do some work on that -- phone calls, emails, reading, etc.   

10:15am: Leave for coffee date with my friend Jen! 

10:30am: Except I've already had my caffeine allotment for the day, so I order peppermint tea instead. 

11:15am: Snack time ... a Lara Bar to go with my tea.

11:40am: Almost time for my favorite part of the day, Sweat360. First, I stop by the library to return a couple of books. 

12pm: Workout!

I had to modify a couple of things. Toes-to-rings felt really, really uncomfortable (too much pulling/stretching around my belly) so I did a 30-second plank instead. And I can't really sprint anymore, so I just hopped on the Airdyne instead.

1:30pm: Our fridge is empty, so I hit New Seasons Market for a few things. While I'm there, I make a small salad and sit down to eat my lunch and answer a couple of work-related emails. I also take my turn in a couple of Scrabble games (I'm currently obsessed with playing Scrabble on my iPhone).

2:15pm: Stop by Fork Revolution for some farm-fresh eggs. If you live in Hillsboro and haven't heard of/been to Fork Revolution, check them out! It isn't really a grocery store -- more like a farm stand with a storefront (kindof). The owners stock fresh, local foods from nearby farms and members place orders for their favorite items (they send out an email each week to let everyone know what is available). And, they are super nice people! Here's photo of owner Irene and employee Drew.

3pm: Finally home! I unpack my groceries and prepare part two of my lunch. Sorry, no photo of the lunch! Anyway, I had rotisserie chicken, guacamole and some sweet potato/plantain chips. I was excited to find these Inka Chips. They don't contain any garbage! Note to self, though: never buy a rotisserie chicken from New Seasons again! For one thing, this is by far the driest rotisserie chicken I've ever encountered. Shoe leather, anyone? I also discovered that it is marinated in canola oil. Why didn't I read the label before I purchased it? Anyway, it is salvageable ... I'll make soup or something out of it. And even though I avoid canola oil I know it won't kill me if I accidentally have some now and then (if it were soybean oil, though, I would have to throw the chicken away).

3:30pm: Contemplate a nap (I haven't been sleeping well lately), but decide to get some work done instead. I make a cup of tea and play with the cat while waiting for it to steep.

4:30pm: I realize I've actually made quite a bit of headway on the Alaska Airlines story. I close up shop and revisit the nap idea. Unfortunately, I can't sleep. Instead I watch a couple of episodes of Hot in Cleveland on Hulu (love this show) and play a few more rounds of Scrabble on my iPhone (so far I cannot beat my friend Monica, but I can beat the computer!). 

6pm: Time (finally) for my post-workout shower. Pre-pregnancy, I would never wait this long (actually, I would usually go straight home and shower before going anywhere or doing anything). Now, however, my workouts aren't as intense so I don't feel like I'm dripping in sweat. 

6:30pm: Bored. Thursday nights always feel a little off to me, because Carl goes sailing right after work and doesn't get home until fairly late. Last year, I would take the time to go running or get in an extra workout or even just watch Mad Men and have a glass of wine. Obviously those activities are off the table for now. I spend the next hour catching up on Facebook posts and being completely non-productive. I'm not really in the mood for dinner. I had planned to make Asian Chicken Salad with cabbage and rotisserie chicken, but that chicken is just so dry! Blueberries sound good, though, and I have a big bag in the freezer. Frozen blueberries + cream = delicious (I'm OK with cream and butter now and then).  

7:30pm: I really need sleep, so I decide to go to bed early.  

8pm: Forget it. Sleep continues to evade me. I do laundry, vacuum, make my Friday to-do list and research strollers and cloth diapers instead. Diaper-wise, it is between Thirsties (made in Oregon!) and the gDiaper. As far as strollers go, I really like the Mountainbuggy (Kara Goucher uses it!) --- but $400+ for a stroller? Not sure that is in the budget. Perhaps I can find a used one. 

10pm: Time for my vitamins. Aside from the flax seed oil, I take my supplements at night. 1,000 mgs of calcium citrate, along with a Simply One Prenatal. 

10:30pm: Crawl back into bed and eventually fall asleep (finally). 

PS: One thing I haven't mentioned much in this post is water! I pretty much sip water all throughout the day. Hydration is so important.

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  1. As far as the cost of the stroller...a few well-placed hints among aunts and cousins would go a long way toward the purchase of that and other desired items!


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