Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An off-the-wagon weekend

One reason last Tuesday was such a rough paleo day: Carl was away on a week-long sailing trip in the San Juan Islands (it was his 40th birthday gift, and on the trip he earned his American Sailing Association advanced coastal cruising and coastal navigation certifications!). I really, really dislike shopping and cooking when it is just me and the cat at home. So, for the most part I just didn't do it. Somehow I managed to get by on lots of hard-boiled eggs (I am so tired of eggs, though!), fruit and a couple of lunches with friends -- but it was a challenge. I'm so glad he is home now. Last night I really enjoyed cooking for the first time in a few weeks! We had paleo tacos.

I'm not going to lie, though -- I did stray from paleo over the weekend. I anticipated it, and I planned it (I know some people advocate the idea that non-paleo moments should be spontaneous -- that does not work for me), and I don't regret it at all (I also know some people are purists all the time -- I am not).

The first stop was Fairhaven Fish & Chips in Bellingham, Washington. Carl and I went there immediately after I picked him up from his sailing trip. We shared a small order of fish and chips and then we each had a German chocolate soft serve ice cream cone. This is quite possibly the best soft serve ice cream I've ever tasted. The fish and chips are really good, too.

Later on, we went to Boundary Bay Brewery and Bistro (also in Bellingham) with my parents. The place is pretty popular, but the only thing about Boundary Bay we really like is the salmon chowder. Super delicious!

The next day, my family gathered at my mom and dad's house to celebrate Father's Day and Carl's birthday. My mom ordered a German chocolate cake from Pure Bliss. Everything else on the menu that day was paleo (for me, anyway), but I did enjoy a big piece of the cake.

Now that I think about, Sunday (the day we embarked on the long drive home) was somewhat of a failure. I woke up feeling a little blah from the cake, the fish, the chowder and the ice cream -- so I skipped breakfast. On the way home, we stopped at Starbucks where the barista gave Carl a free caramel frappucino. Even though I had my own plain coffee I kept sneaking sips of his. It was sweet and creamy, but NOT worth it at all. We then stopped in Seattle for three hours to visit friends/go out to lunch. Well, we saw a crepe and soft-serve ice cream stand and I totally caved in. Unlike the frappucino, the ice cream was worth it, but at that moment I knew that the weekend of treats was officially over. If I continued, it would be harder to get back on track. Plus, I was getting grumpy (one symptom of excess sugar consumption). When we got home, I tried to eat a healthy paleo dinner but I just couldn't choke down anything. It was like I needed detox or something. So, I just went to bed.

In the morning I felt refreshed and, most-of-all, happy that the weekend-of-sugar was over (even though I thoroughly enjoyed it, with the exception of Sunday). I didn't have any trouble bouncing back from weekend, fortunately -- and actually it was in many ways a great reminder as to why paleo is important to me.


  1. Thank you for the beef taco recipe. Will try it this weekend. And I totally understand about not cooking for one. I usually munch or graze, but when husband is home, I cook a meal for the two of us to enjoy and have conversations.

  2. Hi Claudia -- Thanks for your comment. Let me know how you like the recipe!


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