Tuesday, June 7, 2011

20 weeks pregnant: a status report

We are now at the halfway point! It's time to start getting things done around here to prepare for our baby girl's arrival. We have closets to clear out, rooms to rearrange and baby supplies to purchase. Our goal is to have everything finished by Labor Day Weekend. That way, we can spend the last six weeks or so of the pregnancy just kicking back.

So anyway, at week 20 I have gained 14 pounds (it was 15, until I cut salt out of my diet). Here's what my belly looks like today:

I've learned that the baby is now the size of a small cantaloupe, supposedly. What To Expect When You're Expecting says she should weigh about 10 ounces and Your Pregnancy Week By Week says 9 ounces. My baby weighs 13 ounces. And, since I've gained 14 pounds, apparently I am huge, too. I just entered my stats into an online pregnancy weight gain calculator and it told me that I am "two pounds over the high-end of my target weight range." It says I need to be more conscious of my caloric intake, and I need to make sure I consume no more than 300 extra calories per day (right now, I consume zero extra calories -- I don't need or want extra food). More proof that all the shoulds and supposed-tos and averages out there are pretty much all bunk. I'm doing everything right in terms of health and I know I am gaining exactly what I need to gain. Plus, I am still doing overheard lunges with 25-pound plates, along with kettlebell swings, sled drags and wall balls. To me, that is all that matters.

Working out today at Sweat360, in my new favorite tank top from For Two Fitness.


  1. Hi! First of all, I love your blog! I've been reading through the entire thing from the start and it gets me really excited about paleo and pregnancy. My husband and I just started eating paleo and love it! We're also trying to conceive and, like I do every month, I think we've already succeeded. I've had these mild, almost like ovulation cramps every day for over a week now. (fingers crossed) Sorry. That's not actually my point; I'm just really excited!

    Here's my actual point: What I was wondering was, at what point do you modify the weight you lift? My mom is a big, strong, athletic woman - over 6 ft tall - and she never changed a thing with both of her later pregnancies. She had me at 39 also and she windsurfed and moved a household - lifting heavy boxes. Recently she had to have prolapse surgery and attributes those complications to all of the heavy lifting she did in the later months of her pregnancy and advises against it. What are your thoughts?

  2. Hi! Thank you so much! I'm glad you have enjoyed my blog so far. I'm also glad you are loving paleo. Can't wait to hear good news from you re: a baby on the way.

    So, regarding your question: I think it is really, really individual. For me, I started lifting lighter weights probably around weeks 18-20, but I could still do quite a bit. I scaled back kindof incrementally and slowly over time. Two weeks ago I had to drop down significantly (week 30). The only reason is it just didn't feel right. I actually still feel strong enough to do what I was doing before, but I feel pressure and pulling on my belly and my mobility is reduced when I try (and this signals to me that it just isn't a good idea). Hope this makes sense. :-)

  3. Nice Information... during pregnancy time every women gain extra weight... weight gain is very normal during pregnancy.


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