Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baby bump photos

Me and Carl on our 10-year anniversary: November 11, 2010
14 weeks along: April 26, 2011
OK, first things first. I've posted some photos below, in which I am not smiling. These photos don't reflect my mood. I'm a serious person, but not a grumpy one. The photo above is a more accurate portrayal of my outlook on life.

I am now 15 weeks along. Well, 15 weeks and a few days! I have gained 10 pounds, and friends are starting to notice the baby bump. Weight-wise, I still weigh about one pound less than I did a year or so ago when I started moving toward paleo (I didn't go 100% at first ... it was somewhat of a gradual transition). As many of my friends know, I've been pretty freaked about the weight gain I've experienced. Not that I didn't anticipate weight gain, I just thought most of it would come later (because so many other people report very little weight gain in the first three or four months). Overall, though, I'm happy with how things are going. Kili, my trainer, took my measurements the other day and I was relieved to discover that my arms and legs are not growing. My only extra inches are right where they should be, including two extra inches around my waist -- which explains why I am now wearing maternity pants.

Up above is a photo Carl took last week, and below is a photo from two months ago. I'm not sure why I felt compelled to show bare skin in the March 1st photo, other than the fact that I was convinced my pregnancy was already obvious (in hindsight, it probably wasn't). 

Six weeks along: March 1, 2011


  1. Awesome, Dawn & Carl, that u are able to share this w/ all of us. This is very interesting...why couldn't it be around 21 yrs ago w/ my first birth?? LOL! Keep up the good work, Dawn. It's very natural how you feel; btw, you look amazing, and u need not worry :]

  2. Thanks, LaNae. It is hard to believe Danielle is already 21!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS YOU GUYS!!! I'm curious what you mean by the "Paleo Baby. " I've never heard that term before. You look gorgeous, Little Mama, & are one of many I know who are pregnant right now. Something must be in the water or another Baby Boom is happening. :)
    Laura & Earnie Post

  4. I think its a good idea to do a photograph diary. This will help you "see" the changes. Sometimes a picture can be worth a thousand words. You look amazing and I think it will help keep your fears in check. I want to reassure you (as one of your closest friends) that I have no doubt you will loose the weight you gain (even if you gained 70 lbs). You are highly intelligent, motivated and most of all I know you will want to set a good, healthy example for your new baby!


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