Sunday, May 22, 2011

18 weeks pregnant: A status report

I had some fun posts planned for last week, but for a variety of reasons (one of which involved three days at a hotel with a spotty internet connection) I didn't get much of anything done. I'm playing catch up now! Here's my 18-week status report:  

  • The Bump says my baby is now the size of a sweet potato. I can visualize the baby looking like an onion or avocado (in terms of size), but somehow the sweet potato comparison isn't resonating with me. What do you think?
  • I am holding steady at a 12-pound weight gain.
  • My belly is looking a lot rounder; even rounder than one week ago.
  • The baby has decided to take up residence right next to my bladder, and as a result I am not sleeping through the night. I'll just consider this preparation for the baby's arrival.
  • We have a probable boy's name and a probable girl's name, but we won't make a final decision until we see him or her. We want to make sure the name fits! We're also keeping the name a secret until he or she is born. 
  • Two weeks from tomorrow (June 6th) is the day we find out whether we are having a boy or a girl!
  • I haven't been to A Pea in the Pod for two weeks.
That's about all for now. Everything is going along just fine, and I'm having a hard time believing we're almost to the halfway point.  

Check back tomorrow for a post on pregnancy cravings and the paleo diet.


  1. Dawn, I'm just reading thru your week-by-week status report. And.. you found out that your baby is a girl on Ultrasound that scheduled on June 6 (6/6!) , my ultrasound will be next month, November 11 (in this case, 11/11/11.. how cool is that! :)). x

  2. I'm so excited that you get to find out on 11/11. That IS funny! Did I ever tell you that 11/11/11 is our 11th anniversary? Can't wait to hear your news.


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