Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vision changes? I had no idea ...

Yesterday I went in for my annual vision check-up. The results surprised me. The vision in my right is getting worse while my left eye is holding steady! Usually, it is my left eye that gets worse (and worse and worse) -- I mean, I can't see well with either eye, but my left eye always seems to struggle more and more each year while my right eye stays about the same. What is going on?

Turns out it is a pregnancy thing -- apparently hormones, blood volume and other changes in the body can impact vision. In my case, the change is small enough that my optometrist doesn't think it warrants a change in prescription. Especially since it will probably continue to change over the course of the pregnancy, and will probably return to normal (normal for me, anyway) at some point. Huh.


  1. Shoes size sometimes goes up as well (permenently)..but hey, it is a good reason to get new shoes!

  2. Shoot ... I have some shoes I really like that I don't want to give up.

  3. Maybe yours won't change much. All your joints soften or loosen up when you are pregnant (Your pelvic bones esp, for obvious reasons). The extra weight combined with this causes many women to go up 1/2 a shoe size. The good news is, you are in great shape, so likely won't have the hip discomfort this causes late in pregnancy. You go back to normal after pregnancy (eventually).


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