Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Challenging workouts

My workouts have been really, really tough the past couple of weeks. Last Tuesday and Wednesday, I almost felt like giving up halfway through. I can't even remember what we did at High Def last Tuesday but whatever it was it really kicked my butt! Wednesday's TRX/kettlebell class was equally daunting. By the end of the week I started feeling somewhat normal, fortunately. Friday was TRX, with a lot of jump rope intervals thrown in. And on Saturday, we did 33 minutes of sprinting intervals and kettlebells. At first, I was moving really slow -- but I was able to pick up the pace as the workout progressed. I even outran a lot of people (which is great for my pregnant-and-gaining-weight ego). Oddly, I was sore within two hours and stayed sore until Monday night. I was so sore I even skipped yoga (probably not the best decision I've ever made -- yoga likely would have helped).

As for today, it was like last week all over again. We started with ladder drills and handstand push-ups -- no big deal (by the way, I really dislike the upside-down feeling, so for now I'm doing handstand push-ups on a plyo box). The workout itself actually seemed pretty doable at first: 5 rounds of 12 pull-ups, a 400m sprint and 12 squat cleans. In reality, though, it was a killer. By round three, I thought it would never end. Eventually it did (each round took five minutes, so it was a long one), and I scrapped my plans for an afternoon run because I had clearly done enough for the day (who knows, though, maybe I'll still go -- it is super nice out)!

I don't know if the difficulty with today's workout has to do with pregnancy, but I suspect it does (not that it would have been easy otherwise -- it was definitely just one of those tough ones). It almost seems like the baby is going through some sort of a growth spurt and is using up a lot of my energy. That might explain last week, too. Looking back, I probably should have taken some time off. Pregnant or not, a few recovery days here and there are a necessity.


  1. I remember how tired I was! Keep up your workouts just keep the intensity level where your body feels comfortable. Some days you may be more tired than others, and if you dont feel like going for a run you can always do a brisk walk with some lunges thrown in.

  2. Great idea on the walking with lunges (that might be what I wind up doing today, actually)!


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