Friday, April 1, 2011

12 things I will still do after the baby is born

I had a big explanation planned out for this post, but then I decided it really doesn't require an explanation.

I realize there will be sacrifices and changes, but a few things are going to stick ...

1. I will still work out consistently. 
2. I will still take a shower every single day.
3. I will still get pedicures.
4. I will still wear high heals (probably even while pushing a stroller).
5. I will still go out to dinner, movies, parties and other events with Carl, alone (yes, I believe in babysitters).
6. I will still care about I'm wearing.
7. I will still meet my girlfriends for coffee, wine, shopping, etc. 
8. I will still encourage Carl to go sailing, to hang out with his friends and to pursue his own personal interests.
9. I will still wear mascara and lipstick. 
10. I will still have long hair.
11. I will still make time for personal, professional and spiritual growth.
12. I will still follow paleo.


  1. I love this!! Out of curiosity, do you wash your hair every day or just shower daily?

  2. Hi Stephanie -- I'm so glad you left a comment on this post because it reminded me to look make and make sure I was living up to my word. No, I don't wash my hair every day. But, I never have. Usually, I just wash it twice a week.

  3. I love it! How many women cut their hair after having a baby?


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