Thursday, March 24, 2011

Paleo electolytes

Last week, I needed hydration. So, I drank some Gatorade. And some Emergen-C. Both do the job, but they aren't paleo. Full. Of. Sugar. I don't want to make either one a habit, but I need to stay hydrated (especially considering the headaches I've been having). Well, I found a solution -- coconut water! I tried coconut water sometime last year and thought it tasted terrible, but now I like it. And it works, too. I bought a 12-pack from Amazon yesterday.


  1. have you tried other coconut waters and this is your favorite? I tried one the other day it was on sample and I wish I remembered what it was called ... but Yuck! I love coconut too so I thought it would taste good. I think i need to try antother brand or something. Let me know what you think. Super great electrolyte replacement.

  2. Hi Karie -- You are the first person to leave a comment. :-)

    Of those I've tried, I've found they all taste pretty much the same. So I just looked for the best value among those that were just pure coconut water, without any added stuff. And this was the one! The only one I like better is a brand I tried from Whole Foods that came in a glass bottle, but I can't find it anywhere else and they don't sell it by the case.

  3. pinapple coconut water and mango coconut water are my favs! Zico brand, you can order in packs on amazon ;)


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