Monday, March 14, 2011

Choosing a midwife

Today is a great day! Not only have some of the food aversions subsided (credit, once again, goes to spearmint essential oil), I also scheduled an appointment with a certified nurse midwife. After lots of contemplation and research, I came to the conclusion that this is the best choice for my prenatal care and labor/delivery. I'm really happy with this decision.

Originally, I fully intended to go the traditional obstetrician route. After our first appointment, though, Carl and I were uncomfortable with my doctor. She was dismissive regarding our questions and I got the impression that she wasn't really interested in getting to know Carl and me -- and that might be OK for some people, but it isn't right for us (we prefer open, collaborative relationships with our health care providers). I thought about it for two weeks before I decided to move on.

This, of course, left me with a big decision. Who do I see instead? I read profiles of just about every single doctor affiliated with the hospital we've chosen for our delivery. Whenever I thought I found someone who might work, I discovered something that told me otherwise. Finally, I called the clinic I used to go to for preventive care, prior to getting pregnant. I always really liked the clinic and my doctor there was super nice, but she had gotten so busy. For the past two years, I felt like a number. Still, I trusted her -- and I wondered if she might be the best choice after all. After a long chat with an admin at the clinic, it became clear that wasn't the one. However, the admin recommended two other doctors and then asked "have you considered a midwife?"

I had not, so I asked the admin to explain the benefits and the differences. I was sold. Our first appointment is April 8th.


  1. I'm looking into the whole doc vs midwife thing right now. I'm assuming you're still up in Portland, and this is where your midwife is?

  2. Hi Stephanie! Yes, still in Portland. I went to Women Healthcare Associates and had a great experience.


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