Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My current menu

Even though the nausea has subsided, I haven't had all that much of an appetite these past several days. And when I do want to eat, I'm only interested in a few things: eggs, beef, raw carrots, pickles, dark chocolate, oranges, spicy salsa, celery, almond butter and warm beverages. Usually, I like to eat a lot of veggies. These days I am not excited about them at all. Today's lunch was going to be spinach salad with chicken and tomatoes,  but the ingredients look revolting to me now. Fortunately, all the things I'm liking at this point are paleo (with the exception of the warm beverages, which can be paleo but are often very un-paleo -- so far, though, I haven't given in to the urge for a rich, creamy mug of hot cocoa with whipped cream).


  1. I've been enjoying your blog as a paleo-eating and hopefully soon-to-be-pregnant woman!
    I know your pregnancy has come and gone, but your comment about hot cocoa made me laugh. I just had some of this yesterday. It's a great paleo-ish indulgence :)

  2. I love Elana's Pantry. Great idea! Thanks!


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